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Posthumous portrait in DMP technique

Hello everyone!
Been away for a while, but I have checked in from now and then and seen some awesome work!
My latest painting is a posthumous portrait of a young man. The measure of the canvas, 51 X 48 cm.
The commissioners wanted different clothes than the actual photo with the face I had to paint.
This created issues for me, about proportion, light among many things. I overexposed one photo to get the details of his jacket for example.The actual photo did not show the hair in a good way and the photo was taken with a flashlight and I wanted him to be outdoors on a sunny day (!) From looking at videos on Youtube with the young man I believe I got it kind of right. This work has been emotionally exhausting, so please be gentle in your criticism. BUT please do criticize! 


  • You've done a great  job with this. @filuren. Especially given that you had to work from more than one source. The hair is amazing. Well done!

  • It’s a great picture.  You did a great job composing it and the likeness is spot on.  At this point I would either leave it alone or try to saturate the colors in the face a little more.  You can get an idea of what I mean by oiling it out.  If that appeals to you and is satisfactory you can let it dry and varnish it.  If you decide it needs a little more, you can glaze it selectively.  I would darken the jacket slightly with a dark glaze.  I love the way the subject is flying in the background.  It is very convincing.  It will be even more convincing if the player behind him is anchored to the ground with a bit of shadow leading to the right foot.
    I am very sorry for this loss.  He looks like a fine young man.  You are very brave to have painted such an emotional thing.  I am in a similar situation and have been unable to do so.  Best wishes.
  • edited February 2018
    Thank you tassieguy - The hair was worked in detail before I put the shadows. 
    MikeDerby - Thank you, there comes a point when it is better to do a new painting than continue. I understand what you would do, but I disagree. Maybe you are right, it is hard for me to tell, but the balances in the picture is complete for me. Oiling it out as you say would take something away that I believe has to be there. I guess you should see it in real life also, since the spectrum of the colors in the face can alter between light and darkness very easily, depending of the light in the room. I include another photo with more lightning of the canvas.
  • I am always surprised at the difference between what I see in front of me in the studio vs what I see on the screen after I post.  An accurate representation is difficult to achieve.  You definitely know best where your own work is concerned.  Changing something to make it look better on a computer monitor is very often exactly the wrong thing to do.
  • I like it. Combining the elements of three source photos, making a great composition and getting all the values right earns you high marks. Congratulations on a job well done. I hope the commisioneer wil like it as much.
  • YNWA - fantastic @Filuren - LFC is my home team, very well done, sorry for the loss of such a fine guy, 
  • BOB73 - alsart - Both, thank you very much! My intention where never to do an exact image of the photo with his face, the one shot with a flashlight. He was athletic and I wanted that to beam through in my painting, to show his energy, his fighting spirit. Yes, BOB73 - the commissioners where satisfied.

  • @Filuren ; I think what you have done is lovely.  It is also too sacred for me to comment - you had your heart and soul connected and gave it all you had - I cannot imagine going through what you have gone through to paint this beautiful man.  I wish the best for you, his family and loved ones.  
  • Thank you so much Julianna -  Today I have a day "off" . Need to recharge ;-) and your kind and warm words where just the "fuel" I needed.
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