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Orange Sunset - Finished #5 Oil Painting.

This based on an airbrushed acrylic painting from a few years ago, would like to see in oil, this is it.


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                                                                                             Piece of canvas from artist's pad, this is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". Made this drawing and mixed colors this morning, very simple palette.
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                                                                                                                              The far left row is the basic palette. Taking short break and return soon. My project I intend to complete today.
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                                                                                               Here 6 steps in the darkest darks in the water area have been applied.
  • I am so excited that you are able to paint regularly again!  Have fun!
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                                                                                 So far have applied 6 steps dark in the water area. and 3 steps in the darkest orange (red). No blending applied just yet. Can you see the color illusion that the dark orange sky against the dark stain and to the water in the foreground that has created in this piece already? Looking forward to the sunburst coming through the clouds on the horizon in a very warm atmosphere, coming soon. The new stain color I am using is my own version using W&N, inspired by the new Geneva Canvas Stain that Mark designed. Thank you for looking.
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    Oh how I love that orange/red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   and the purple/blue tone offset to make it pop - I can't wait to see your update on this.  
  • edited February 8
    Thanks all for assisting me earlier to mix my own version of Geneva Red as a temporary alternative, while knowing there are no substitutes.
  • Keep going, @Forgiveness. It looks promising but hard to tell until you get more of the canvas covered.
  • edited February 9
                               This is still a mess, I began to add 4th step in the red/orange (oops! over did it in the center), ran low on paint very quickly, I underestimated and had to recreate this color (took a long time) and made plenty to see me through the rest of this.
  • oil paints are so forgiving - it is hardly a mess.  You cannot ruin a WIP unless you stab it with a knife and ruin the surface.  Keep going.  I am looking forward to your updates.  Already, at this stage, this is a beautiful abstract painting.  
  • edited February 9
    Thank you @Julianna, this is correct I am doing my best to focus on the abstracts to begin with, one of my favorite parts in painting in realism here, also working from dark to light one value step at a time. I intend for a more productive day on this today and looking forward to it. I like this very simple limited color palette to work with as you can see above.
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                                                      Just beginning step 5 of 6 total in orange/red, again just getting the abstract shapes at this point and a need to fill the rest of this canvas, asap.
  • edited February 9
    I'm not quite finished with steps 5 and 6 in the orange, detail in the clouds close to and on the horizon line to come next. Enjoy!
  • Wonderful colours! The atmosphere of the sunset is all there :) Looking forward for the next update 
  • I can feel something coming out,..
  • It's starting to come together, @Forgiveness. I'm imagining the highlights. I think it's going to be beautiful. :)
  • edited February 10
    I like the composition in the sky better with new adjustments so far. My brushstrokes are delivered more deliberately, practicing greater brush control, getting the brush to land precisely where I want it, becoming more like drawing. Also been carefully removing some ridging from just a few paint strokes. Now in the habit of writing myself notes when needed as I walk away from a painting session, saves me from too frequent asking "now where was I". It's good to resolve as many as my issues at hand as I can in any given painting session, in the moment rather than later. But when I don't quite get there, I leave myself a note. The neutral color stain, inspired by Geneva Canvas Stain is great to paint on, I like it. I'll be working on this some more through the day and evening.
  • Enjoying seeing this evolve and taking shape. 
    This is going to be a dramatic painting! 
  • I already like it and  you aren't even through.
  • edited February 12
    The beginning adding of highlights is to come next only 3 steps; yellow-orange, bright yellow and near white, this is going to be fun! The paint is still quite wet.
  • I'm not quite finished with this present light yellow-orange, and bright yellow and near white will be next 2 steps after this, almost there.
  • Coming along nicely 

  • edited February 16
    Almost there! can you see how the red has changed as a result of my last session? Since adding these highlights the whole painting has turned too dark compared to the original painting.Even though I do thorough color checking and I am spot on, this was unexpected, unforeseen, and not a wanted result, I will make adjustments when finished filling the canvas. Toning down some of these highlights in the clouds on the right side near the horizon and completing bright highlights in the water may re-adjust the scene.
  • Yes, it's very fascinating how changing a small amount of a painting can change the whole brightness or colours perception. Our brain is an interesting machine and white balance is an incredible complicated thing..for example walls which are in the shadow side of a room even if are physically perceived by the retina as grey are still "seen" by the visual cortex as white cause we know "a priori" the colour of the room. Said that is not strange that even if your colour checking is accurate adding white is very difficult and everything needs to be recalibrated to recreate the illusion you are searching for, cause our brain is not easy to trick and know the difference from an image and reality, and u have to trick "him" again. Said this scientific consideration, your painting is coming out really beautiful!! 
  • Yes, thank you @Bobitaly, very well said.
  • I think this is magnificent and intriguing.

  • I agree @Forgiveness .  That is the beauty of oils though, it is so easily corrected.  the photos of your painting give no hint of your atmospheric perspective.  the top, far sky has the same chroma as the foreground.
    I love watching your progress through this - it is going to be lovely.
  • edited February 18
    Here I have lightened the sky and some in the clouds, toned down the bright highlights in the clouds and completed area where the sun is. Next I complete the brightness in the water, should look like gold shimmering bright. The yellow in my studio shows bright clear light cadmium yellow pale (not shown so clearly here). What is missing the most is, haze of heat with seaming transparency and make it appear and feel real hot, this same haze will lighten everything perfect and complete this in the end.
  • edited February 18
    Thank you @Julianna, the chroma in top of the sky will change to brighter orange-yellow with less red, one more value above what is indicated below. I'll come back to this when the canvas is covered. If you have further comment or suggestions, welcome.
  • It has been very interesting watching this develop.  Are you letting it dry between layers?
  • I have not been letting it dry between layers and still quite wet for the most part, on this day 10. I will post later today with the water area filled in as necessary.
  • This is really turning in to something fabulous.
  • Really nice @Forgiveness - you have a distinctive style. Like the touches of blue in the sea. I think I agree with your suggestion to soften some of those edges. 

  • Very distinctively yours, @forgiveness.  I hope you never lose that distinctiveness.
  • @Forgiveness, that water effect works really well.
  • edited February 19
    Thank you so much, you are so kind! I'm working out my New Year's resolution to paint more this year. This is inspired by Mark's video on "how to paint from imagination", plein air painting, a near photo memory from the photo, the airbrush painting that I rendered a few years ago that looks like a photo and work in design. The distinctiveness comes from my being Canadian, familiar with the Group of Seven artists, but not ordinarily from my hometown (oh! good news) to the best of my knowledge. Glad to step out from photo-realism and high-realism to something more painterly. Breaking traditions, finding my own, taking that leap of faith is the best and is FUN!, also very simple indeed but not necessarily easy. Updates later today.
  • congrats for inspiring and refreshing work. I honestly tried to offer some critique but this is the kind of work that make you think and have one's own impression, rather than refer to established norms or some reference.
  • Thank you @khaled, you are so very kind! enjoy!
  • edited February 20
                I have lightened the top of the sky and in between the 2 yellow streams of clouds, and tweaked a small cloud brought it down a value, on your left. The paint is drying on the canvas now on 12th day, rather fast at this stage. I still want to soften highlights in the lower clouds some, although I may have to come back to it when it's dry. 
  • This is outstanding, at least from my perspective.  I love everything about it.  It's luscious or delicious or something wonderful.
  • edited February 20
    I see further room for improvement in the lower sky, left hand side. I see 4 values, 5 in some other areas used there where I can further extend to 6 values for smoother transition, I may be able to slightly improve the right side as well. The center light orange red will remain as is. This would complete this at this stage. Let it dry after dry after this before continuing, only takes a few days. This is my first time trying this style and I sense success with it and would like to further develop this through other paintings to follow with a variety of subject matter to get a better feeling for this.
  • Your curiosity with different techniques and approaches serves you well. This is the fun part of painting where you really don't know the outcome but trust the process and delight in some of the results. Enjoy!
  • @Forgiveness, the laws of physics are screaming in my head, suggesting there should be more glimmer on the ocean surface directly beneath the sun, and most of the way down to the bottom of the canvas.

    I can give an example if that would help.
  • edited February 20
    Yes, I agree, that is what I am used to seeing in such scenes as you mention above. However the photo made no reference, as well as the acrylic painting in this case, which I did find odd and just passed it off. Given I am at liberty in this, I can arrange the composition as it really should as in real life, I'm up for this as I feel more secure in the results about your suggestion, I found many reference photos for this by google that will help me. Integrity in a painting is important especially in such a scene as this. Cheers!
  • Whatever you change, @Forgiveness, please don't make it too uncomfortable for the kitty in the upper right quadrant looking already quite nervous from my view.  I love this happy accident.  I hope it's a tradition by now that these things remain on DMP.  Please don't take offense.  Summer
  • @Summer, you mean the kitten sitting next to the Cello?
  • PaulB said:
    @Summer, you mean the kitten sitting next to the Cello?
    Now that you mention it, I took a second look, and have to agree with the shape of a cello.  I'm sure @Forgiveness will allow the painting to speak to him over the coming weeks and decide what is best for this painting.  But the imps are about sometimes, it surely seems. 
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