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Wife cup - drying poorly

I placed this up on the shelf December 14th - almost 8 weeks ago, I took it down today to see the progress and my heart sank - The cup itself is fine and going Matt which is good - but the background and shadows have turned streaky and looks a mess  - should i leave it another few weeks or go at it with a repair ?
As you all know this cup means a lot to me,....


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    I don't know - I have this happen a lot with my darkest darks and feel that I didn't have pure color - ran my finger/brush with an unpure black - it is an easy fix.  Don't worry about it.  Is it dry to the touch yet?  I am working on a painting and especially in photos of the painting, I could see a weird, dull glare - mine is a Wip and I just used an almost dry brush and scrubbed the areas and it looks good now.  I'm sure others here can help you through it - seriously, it will be fine.  I bet a re-touch varnish will fix it?
  • Some area are still wet,
  • Normal.  Don't touch it, don't change it, 8 weeks is not enough.  Some colors (black, brown, maybe more) "sink" like this and become matt.  It is not a problem.  When you varnish it, all will be as it once was.
  • Got it - it's back on the drying shelf,  I will leave it for another month or so, by the way the wine and cheese is wet but drying fairly even @PaulB and @Julianna thanks 
  • Another month is not enough either.  6 months to a year is what it takes, depending on factors like climate, paint thickness, substrate etc.

    Once you can press your fingernail and not make marks in it, you can use a retouch varnish, for the fastest solution, but the paint will still be drying underneath that (porous) varnish.
  • Ok - lets check back in June - I am in no rush and it will give me time to get a frame ready ,...
  • I agree with PaulB. Black colours have a strange tendency to do this when they are drying. A satin/gloss varnish should sort out the value change when it's dry.

    If you can place it in indirect sunlight it should dry quicker as well.
  • Once my balcony closet has a door, I am going to make three racks for drying, it's out of the sun, but hot as hell in there and dust free, as the red dust is a constant problem on the island 
  • Sounds good. You could try putting glass, perspex or polycarbonate to block some dust (as long as you don't stop the airflow).
  • I have clear plastic food covers, and the paitnugs are stacked apart with quarters in each corner for airflow - should be good 
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