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Evening - Bruny Island Oil on canvas 28" X 38"

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Finally back into painting. People may remember I started a small one of a road through a misty landscape but had to set it aside when I had a small stroke about three weeks ago.  It took out 25% of the vision in my left eye. I'm probably going to need an operation to clear my left carotid artery which I'm not looking forward to. Glad I can still see well enough to paint.

This painting is the view from our front window on a summer evening. The sun is setting so the land and sea are in shadow but sunlight still hits the tops of the clouds. It took me about a week to get this far with it. There's still a little to do - some subtle detail in the trees on the island for example - but I'd thought I'd see if I could get some feedback on it first. Let me know if you think it works. For example, is the composition OK? do the colours/values read right? Do some areas need more detail? ... Or anything else you care to mention.

Thanks for looking. :) 




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    This is beautiful Rob. The evening light hitting the clouds is perfection. Small stroke?? Expletive, expletive, expletive. Hope you’re ok mate. 
  • Sign it.  It’s the best cloud pic I have seen in some time, probably since you won the cloud challenge. I wish I had a front yard like that.  All the best for a full recovery.
  • Thanks, @Boudicca and @MikeDerby

    I'm feeling better than I did after the stroke. Just hope they can clear the carotid so I don't have another. There are so many paintings I still want to do. :)
  • Aww , I’m so very sorry to hear this , Rob. 
    It must have been a very frightening time for you and your family. 
    Hopefully all will be well once you’ve had the operation. I can imagine how much you must be dreading it but try to focus on the positive outcome it will provide. We are all rooting for you here. There’s no doubt about that as you are a very valuable and popular. member of this forum. 

    This painting you posted is just beautiful! 
    The clouds are so soft and subtle. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Not a single thing. 
    Lucky you , having a view like that from your window. 
    Take care , Rob , and do whatever it takes to  get back to full strength as soon as possible.  <3
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    Thanks so much, @Hilary. This place, and the encouragement members here give each other, is just wonderful! Glad you think the painting works. :)
  • It's beautiful, a lovely serene painting. Best wishes.
  • This is quite beautiful, wonderful clouds and light in them from the far distance to the foreground, nice movement there and the composition works well. All the best in your recovery, I hope painting will also help you through this.
  • This painting is beautiful and calming for the soul, I like the texture in the clouds not too fluffy nor too hard. Best wishes for ur recover, and thanks for sharing this beau painting with us.
  • Rob

    Excellent painting. Perspective, depth edges all work together.

    Best wishes for a successful op and speedy recovery.

  • The painting is very very beautiful.... The mood.. the setting... Very calming... Get well really fast.. beautiful landscapes are waiting to be painted!!!
  • Rob! Get well soon my friend! Very sorry to hear about your stroke, hope the recovery and op goes well.

    The painting is beautttiful! Sign it and frame it :)
  • Wish you a very very speedy recovery Rob.
    I do hope the stroke hasn't effected you in any other way, good luck with your operation as well

    Excellent painting! Love the colors, love the composition love the way you've handled it

    Again, my best wishes are with you.

  • The clouds are excellent, best wishes for a speedy recovery 
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    My heart sank when I read you had a stroke.  I am so very sorry.  I know you say it is minor and you are getting better but that is frightening!   This is one of my favorite paintings of yours.

    I'm obviously the only one with this opinion, so take it with a grain of salt, but the value of that island/ isthmus seems a tad too dark in value.  It just pops at me and everything else is gradual and in sync.  I only express my instincts, something seems a tad off - I know with the sun behind, the foreground will be darker in value - maybe it is the water that needs a to be a bit darker in front so the isthmus doesn't jump so much in value?- it seems to lighten/tone down that isthmus a tad will make it in perfect sync for values.

    The clouds are stunning and are the star - I wouldn't mess with anything else.  Absolutely lovely and I do hope you take care of yourself.
  • Great and grand. Like the old museum paintings. 
  • So lovely, the tight but subtle value range, I especially like the restrained blue if the evening sky above the clouds. I call this a sky portrait, and it's one of the things I aspire to do. Get well soon and inspire me further!
  • Scary, Rob. I'll pray for you and for your return to good health. As for the painting, it needs nothing. It is tremendous. Did you take photos. How can you work a color checker when the sun is going down?
  • I can only imagine how pretty this is in person. Clouds are beautiful and I think the composition works.  I love it.
    Having a stroke and losing part of your sight, that really stinks.  I'm sure glad to hear that you're feeling better and back to painting.  Please keep us posted if you do need that surgery.
  • Stunning!  Be well.
  • @Julianna: I'm pretty sure that's because of the photograph, Rob may have been using. I've hea the same effect with some of my photos as well
  • edited February 7
    Thanks so much everyone. You guys are such a great encouragement! <3 

    @Julianna, I agree about the darkness of the island but, as mentioned, I've still to add some lighter tones that will hint at structure in the vegetation there and bring that promontory up in value a bit.

    I used a photo for this one. It was taken with my new Olympus camera. I processed the raw image in the software that came with the camera. There were some dark tree tops at  the bottom which I eliminated and I reduced the blue a bit. I couldn't use the colour checker for this as it just changed too quickly.

    Should finish it today and will post an update.

    Thanks again, folks. :) 

  • @tassieguy Simply breathtaking!
    I do want to wish you all the best with your health. You have far too many paintings yet to complete! Hoping for all the best.
  • Another wonderful painting Rob. Beautiful light. Marvelous. Take care & best wishes.
  • Rob I am sorry about that stroke :( Recently my father in law had one too but very serious...his left arm and leg are completely paralysed. So I can imagine how you feel, I wish you to recover soon, body and soul. Your painting is beautiful, as always :)
  • edited February 8
    Thanks, @Renoir, @Roxy, @Michalis and @movealonghome. I've added a few touches to the dark vegetation on the island which lifts the value there a bit but it doesn't show up on the photo I've taken so I won't post it again. It's amazing how much more sensitive our eyes are to colour and value compared to a camera.

    We'll see if the gallery wants to try to sell this one. :)
  • No question they will sell it fast @tassieguy !
  • Brilliant painting!  Hope you recover fast. I wish to see many more paintings from you!
  • Rob logged in about 6:30 this AM but didn't post or comment. so I guess he's OK but still recovering.
  • Hope your recover quickly.  I'm very sorry that you have had problems.  The painting is stunning.  My little granddaughter could only say "WOW".
  • edited February 10
    Thanks, @Julianna, @Filuren and @Oilpainter1950. I'm doing ok.
    @BOB73, I left my computer on and forgot to close the DMP page before retiring for the night. Getting very forgetful. I'm a night owl and never up at 6:30 AM. :)
  • Glad to hear that. Sorry,. I should have said 6:30 my time. Wherever you are DMP shows your local time I guess or is it I just happen to be in the same time zone as Mark? I'd need an almanac and a calculator to figure out what time and day it is where you are. I figure if it is light here it is dark there,  that's close enough for me.
  • Perfect in mood. Interesting composition. As to me, highlights on clouds  need smoothing and I would try to shift a little far blue hill to the right.
  • @tassieguy
    Rob , so far 23 people have given you an awesome on this painting , so I guess this means it’s working !!  ;)
    I wouldn’t start messing with it at all. 
    I very much hope you’re looking after yourself and getting stronger every day. 
    You have a lot of fans here. 

  • That is really beautiful.  
    So sorry to hear about the stroke. Those are scary things. I wish you a full, fast, uneventful recovery and hope the carotid surgery goes well. We hope to see lots more paintings. 
  • Thank you, @roman, @Hilary, and @Wishiwaspainting. I really appreciate you guys. :)
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