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Evening - Bruny Island Oil on canvas 28" X 38"

edited February 2018 in Post Your Paintings
Finally back into painting. People may remember I started a small one of a road through a misty landscape but had to set it aside when I had a small stroke about three weeks ago.  It took out 25% of the vision in my left eye. I'm probably going to need an operation to clear my left carotid artery which I'm not looking forward to. Glad I can still see well enough to paint.

This painting is the view from our front window on a summer evening. The sun is setting so the land and sea are in shadow but sunlight still hits the tops of the clouds. It took me about a week to get this far with it. There's still a little to do - some subtle detail in the trees on the island for example - but I'd thought I'd see if I could get some feedback on it first. Let me know if you think it works. For example, is the composition OK? do the colours/values read right? Do some areas need more detail? ... Or anything else you care to mention.

Thanks for looking. :) 




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