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Primed and Stained Panels and Canvas

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Been working on these almost 3 weeks now, just about finished, ready to be painted on next. Each of these have 4 coats of acrylic gesso sanded each coat, 2 coats of oil gesso, sanded each coat. 3 panels still need to be stained.


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                                                                                the top 2, 8" x 22". the bottom one 6" x 9". Both scrap pieces of canvas to practice on.
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                                                                                     These are 4 canvas sheets from a pad pre-primed 4 coats of oil gesso each. I applied the stain. 9" x 12".
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                                                                                                                Top is birch panel 8" x 8". Bottom is 8" x 10" canvas.
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                                                                                       The 2 top right have been mentioned already above. Below these 2 are 9 masonite panels 7 @ 5" x 7", and 2 @ 8" x 10". Each have 4 coats gesso on all sides and edges, + 2 coats oil gesso on the painting surface, all sanded smooth between each coat. The prepared masonite panels I intend to use for plein air painting. I may change to use dibond panel next time, 2 panels seen here have not been primed. One more wood panel not shown here 14" x 20" and 18" x 24" canvas, same procedure as above. It was best to do a whole bunch at once, with little money with big effort, ready to use anytime, no worries. Now back to painting!
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                                     3 more, canvas on the left 18" x 24", top right wood panel 14" x 20", and bottom right canvas (previously used) primed 11"x 14", need to stain next. That's enough, now back to painting!
  • Wow! Those look like some great foundations upon which to paint!
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    Thank you @Renoir, I supplied the labor, craftsmanship and the materials. But the real credit goes to Mark Carder and experienced members here along with extensive and even exhaustive research done on the subject at hand right here, now conveniently available for all, at our finger tips. Looking forward to paint on these real soon, once I've completed my present piece, almost there.
  • Forgiveness

    Excellent neutral grey toning. Try a couple of black toned canvasses.


  • Hey @Forgiveness and @dencal May i ask u something? I used rabbit glue and gesso to prime my panel and after I painted the panel with acrilic to tone it. Do u know how can I do the oil priming? Just paint it over after the gesso with oil paint over or there is a special recipe? 
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                                                                                         The canvas on the left is 11" x 14". And the two panels on the right are 8" x 10". These appear rather glossy but dries matte. W&N Lamp Black prepared and used as a stain DMP prior to painting.
  • Grey, black.. what ever next? Brown? ;)
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    @Bobitaly, I apply first 4 coats of acrylic gesso, let dry and sand smooth with 220 sandpaper between each coat. Wipe this clean, and I follow basically the Gamblin method of applying the oil gesso thinned (2 thin coats, sanded smooth), found @ There is more available about this on this site in past threads as well. Each single coat of oil gesso applied, took approximately a week (8/9 days) to dry, much depending on climate and proper ventilation, "very important!" (dry/damp, humid). I use odorless mineral spirit for thinning and cleaning, being aware of toxicity. If you wish you may look up the following thread under category, Studio & Supplies, Priming - Oil Priming, Acrylic Gesso, Plaster of Paris,Traditional Gesso, Rust-Oleum etc., posted by @ Kaustav, April 2017.
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    This is enough of preparing these for now. Between larger canvasses prepared in 2017 (waiting to to be used) and these presented here, I have enough for at least a year, I can better get involved with painting, no worries. In keeping with my New Year's resolution, "to paint more!". ha,ha,ha.
  • Thank you @Forgiveness for ur I need to buy another product to oil stain my future panels:)
  • Plenty to keep you busy there @Forgiveness
  • This neutral color, inspired by Geneva Canvas Stain, sure is a pleasure to paint on!
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