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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia

MarioMario -
edited February 5 in Introduce Yourself
Hi all, 
My name is Mario and I heard about this place in one of Mark Carder's YouTube videos and heard it was pretty friendly here. I am 33 and painted for the first time last year (I don't consider what I painted in art class in high school all those years ago as I didn't take it serious). I have started with acrylics as was strongly recommended to me by the art supply store I purchased my materials at seeing I am new to painting. I have so far completed one painting and one pastel piece. I am currently working on my second painting and am hoping to finish it soon.
I hope to gain a lot of advice and useful information from you all.
I need some tips for oil painting but will post my questions when I get to oils.
I look forward to seeing some of your works.
Kind regards,

PS I am glad I found this place as I do not want to go back on Facebook for tips as I've given up Facebook since October and wish to keep away from it.


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