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Sargent Style Challenge Official Entries

Please post your entries to the challenge here. The deadline is April 1 :)

Here are the guidelines:

Spending no more than one week of total effort, paint a still life containing at least one modern object (post 1925), in the style of Sargent, in a small format (around 12" or 30cm or less). Submission deadline is 2018-03-15, and should consist of new work, begun after the start of the challenge on 2018-02-01.  Voting open to all forum members, consisting of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ranking. One entry per member.  A voting thread will be created at close of challenge.

For more info, and if you're not sure what "Sargent style" means, there is some discussion about it in this thread

Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!


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