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Substitute/Alternate for Geneva Red

Just a temporary measure for now until I purchase Geneva paints later in the Spring. Is "Rembrandt" Scarlet, series 3 a good choice for Geneva Red, in relation to Mark's latest Color Wheel and mixing instructions?


  • It is more red than Mark's Geneva Red but it does reflect more violet/blue wavelengths than a cadmium red which means it can make better purples and violets.
  • Thank you @ Richard_P, I will continue to work with both W&N Alazarine Crimson and the Scarlet until I can change over to Geneva.
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    @Forgiveness   I did a little experiment on my current palette for you.  Not sure it helps.
    the above is my current Geneva palette - I grabbed all of my red I could find in my studio that would be close

    Geneva red is the red at 2:00 (sorry, I don't know how to point to things in photoshop) - it is the circular red at 2:00.    The two knife like swatches on either side are the mixture of 2 closest reds.
    At 11:00 is cad red deep      and at 6:00 is perylene scarlet...            none of them were perfect.  Mixing both equal parts though gave an almost exact match to Geneva red 
  • I mixed both reds together equal parts and got an almost exact match - the knife like swatches on either side are the mixture - I mixed and then swatched next to the Geneva to check side by side.

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                                                                         Thank you @Julianna, this is what I came up with, top left is scarlet red, top right is alazarine crimson. the sample in the middle bottom is a mix consisting of 1 part scarlet, 3 equal parts alazarine crimson, this appears to be very close. This is only for the next 6 months anyhow, no worries, but this did come in quite handy when I painted my portrait for the last challenge and quite pleased, just couldn't do it without this. Also got your point quite clear through this demo, @Richard_P.
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Sellinar makes a pretty decent permanent Alizerine Crimsen?? 
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