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  • That is stunning.  I would love to see it large, in oils.
  • @PaulB Thank you, I am afraid I am not very good with colours;) But I agree it would be a good painting, I really hope to make a progress when it comes to color harmony and color matching
  • This is extraordinary! The light and shade is amazing. I love the transition from almost black around the edges to the bright values of the window. Well done! :)
  • Excellent!  I'm assuming when you say ink and pencil you are referring to ink washes.  Have you done any water colors? I think you would have a knack for that medium.  You mention you are not good with colors, so what you could do to start remedying that is work in a very limited pallet to start with (blue, black and white).  So you could work like you did in this piece but bring in some blue water color.  then gradually start adding others as you become more comfortable.  You definitely grasp value.  Another option is learn how to do oil glazing. You might adapt well to that sort of thought process.
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