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DMP 9 - the hook

yes, back to this i already have the sketch done from a previous thread - and have worked out a few helpful posterize effects ( shows darkest values via affinity)  to help lay down the stages ( I hope ) support and comments very welcome 
once the dark value is down, I see the background as a very tricky task, it is a steel plate and key to the overall realistic look - once complete this is going to my fathers office wall in Liverpool so it's slow I go with care for best results and best efforts 



  • Hi @alsart. The sketch is really good:) looking forward for when u will start to paint. Have fun!
  • Thanks @Bobitaly it's a trace with white saral paper, and then I touch up with my trusty white chalk pencil 

  • So far so good, going to mix up the next value steps 

  • Just spent a few hours exploring the next set of values, interesting that the steel hook is actually a blue grey and the background rust is a brown orange (yuck orange again) but the background mix will also work for the chains so not too bad 

  • Not much progress today - what makes this hard, and I have Just  realized, that this is  "spoty" to which I mean there are not huge areas to cover with paint but built up with many value spots,...not really sure if this will even work out 

  • I really wish I had painted the background  with the earth pink first, as it is Inow have to paint around all the rusty shapes, a huge pain and a rookie mistake but I am happy with the textured look, it adds to the steel plate effect that I need
    - comments welcome 

  • i am just starting to "rust" up my background, I know it's a little pizza looking at the moment ,..
    open to suggestions to get the rusty steel effect - I tried the flake by flake method and my brain hurts
    open to ideas ?

  • You've got me hooked @alsart, keep going the way you are the texture will "appear" once you start painting the bare steel of the hook and chains.
  • Well I don't plan to sling my hook just yet , I will keep on keeping on - I plan to add the oil stains at the end of the journey thnaks @BOB73
  • Ok done for tonight, been a long slog, but I think it coming along 
    feedback welcome 

  • I had to go back and finish the top portion - better photo too 

  • Looking good! Keep going.. :)
  • Thanks @Forgiveness and @Richard_P mixing up the chain values next 
  • nice color and rexture
  • Not much progress today, basically going back over with the dark value on the chain areas that I had missed- I also noticed that the chain sits on the hook eyelet, rather than through it, I feel robbed by the photo now, but oh well keep going it is,...

  • Here is today's efforts, I started to "rust" up the central chain link - it seems to be working out but let me know what your educated eyes see,..

  • You are doing really good. Maybe the red dots in the background could be more sublte. But wait until you have your canvas covered, before you do any changes
  • Thanks @Datura
    there is a lot to do once I have the main features all set 
  • I darkened the ring down, it looks better.

  • @alsart I don't mean to sound rude, but why are you darkening the ring?  Are you not color checking?
  • Yes, I had the Orange value wrong, it was off, I wrongly used the below color picks from the steel plate and it was off,..I was wrong.
    so I mixed and matched to the one below - I also now draw lines in affinity to guide my location, hopefully training my eye 
    goimg to work on the chain butt weld next 

  • More detail added to the chain link, comments welcome 
    I will post a final photo once complete, unless I get into trouble,.....

  • Gosh, I wish I was more computer literate - the way y'all point and add graphics with such seeming ease is amazing.  It helps to clarify in one photo what it takes me a paragraph to explain.  There are some gorgeous colors in that metal.  
  • It's just software - affinty photo and a PDF - real easy but it helps me so much and has improved my color mixing hugely - I only learned this over the past few months thanks to forum members - although a PDF is a daily tool in my everyday real world job @Julianna
  • I finished the chain ring, I reckon it's too blue, I have not blended as I want the texture rough and ready so I just sort of let the paint run into each other - critique welcome 

  • I think I am fussing too much with the chains, I need to lay the basic values and move on @tassieguy

  • Overall I am happy with today's effort - can not wait till the yellow stage - but slow it goes, 

  • Looks good to me, keep going!
  • This is by far your best effort!  
  • This is looking great @alsart! This reminds me of a still life study I did in school, in watercolor though, many years ago. and it was great to do this amongst a group painting the same subject. At the time, the teacher initially shocked us with this by just simply plopping the entire length of long rusty chain as a pile of chain on the table in the center of the room, and announcing, "now, paint that!" and he laughed knowing he succeeded in intimidating us. It was an exercise in seeing, really looking, studying intently for long periods and working with abstracts as seen in the realism, capturing rust and extract a good composition from such chaos and finally, trusting the process. I see you've captured the weld in the links too. Looking forward.
  • @Renoir and @Forgiveness this has brought back memories too, I was brought up in a tough engineering background, with my father who owned a large engineering company who did heavy industrial work on coal fired power stations - tough work with even tougher men, I was one.
    my first job as an apprentice was to carry the chain "dogs" on my shoulders down the precip hoppers and rig them up for lowering the three way valves for repair - dangerous hard graft - for months I would bear the scars or love bites from the chains on my neck and shoulders, this work made me a man and carried me through life - this painting is going to be a gift for my father to remind us both of our hard labor but fun ( the stories I could tell) good old days, working 12 - 18 hours, 7 days a week.
    i for one know what these chains feel like and taste like and smell like,...I know what it is to nearly loose a hand or finger, and have worked along side many that have done, I have seen chains and rigging snap like string and almost take a mans head off,....yes this brings back memories good and bad, and I want to do my very best to portray that within this piece 

    sorry to rant on - but that's the inspiration 


  • My god @alsart that's an incredible story. I am a young Doctor but I used to work when I was younger and I know what it means to have pain for hard working, or the smell of iron and rust. Art is a way to express what we have inside but giving something going beyond us. U are doing great with your chain.
  • @alsart Now THAT is what makes a painting art! Your soul is in it! Paint what you know, what you have held, tasted, seen! That's what brings life to your work and it absolutely shows. This is so exciting!

    And the fact that you 'ranted' on (I didn't see it as that at all) means you have a lot of energy behind it.

    I had a pretty cushy work life until I went into outside sales in a construction related market where hard hats and steel-toed boots are used for a reason. I thought I learned something about hard work when I was in sales. But then I met my husband and we bought a retail hardware/small engine store in a rural town working 7 days a week, 12 hour days (or more). He comes from a long line of dairy farmers. And every year several farmers perish because of a tractor rollover, or someone falls into a silo, or gets caught into some machinery. I've never met harder working people in my life. And it really changed me. Working 40 hours a week with breaks and weekends off is luxury. 

    I can honestly say this has changed me completely. I wish every young adult could have at least one year experience working hard like this. 

    Keep doing what you know. You see so much more in this chain and hook than any of us have. You know it like the back of your hand because it's been on the back of your neck.
  • Good painting. Good rant. Great father and son bond. 
  • Amazingly good.  What a story !! 
  • Guys - thanks for the kind comments - no progress today I have been playing golf 
  • Thought I would share my palette - the confusion makes complete sense to me 

  • I think, that this is going to be your best painting
  • I do hope so @Datura
    i little more done in the early hours, I feel like going the hardware store and buying a tin of grey hammer rite and be over with it, color matching is extreme to say the least, the center section (mouth of hook)  has a differing value every 0.25 mm,.......time for egg & coffee and walk away

  • Extreme color matching / picking - this shot  is my next task - the 1,2,3 steps are repeated along the neck of the hook
    light at the end of the tunell? - yes it's yellow,....

  • Oh my. I would be going bonkers with such subtle color matching. Best to take a step back, as you are, and proceed slowly and thoughtfully. And clearly you are doing so. This is exciting! I am learning from you in this step that I need to step away or even work on a different painting when I get to this point because my nature is to plow through and then I just make a mess of it and get discouraged. Stay the course, @alsart!
  • Holy cow - those colors are lovely!  And, I just read that you are a golfer as well - isn't it a great release from the studio?! I look forward to seeing this and please continue to post your stages.  I think that others can learn greatly by your process - you are taking the DMP initial lessons to exact execution.
  • I think you are approaching this quite well, actually. When I cover the brown portion and only look at the painting portion I can clearly see a shiny metal hook at the end of a rusty chain.
  • I agree. It's working so far!
  • It is turning out great
  • Keep at it, @alsart. This looks as though it may turn out even better than your cheese painting. :)
  • A little more progress, off to golf again so this is it till later tonight
    i started to put the "hammered" texture in at the tip of the hook , it seems to work ? 

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