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Portrait of my grandparents

Oil on canvas
60 x 80 cm
I know the background is not good;) 
I would appreciate your advice and critique.
SadIy I don't have a better photo of this painting.


  • The figures are really well rendered, the expressions are very real, and the skin textures are great.  Well done.

    It does feel as though all the darks are missing, but that could just be the photo.  I'd say the flowers need more hard edges.
  • @PaulB -thank you very much. Yes, there coud be a better contrast, I see it know. I have painted people before, but never flowers;) For me flowers are much more difficult than portraits
  • Thats a really good one! They "talk" to you. They are really there, so to speak. The green background is  perhaps a little bit too dominant. Maybe you could make it a bit darker, carefully step by step, so you do not lose control. It is possible that you want to get darker shadows in the figures after that. But that will show.
  • Datura

    Excellent portrait . Just a tad too much white in the figures, causing them to fade away.


  • Good rendering, but I think part of your problem is the background.  The figures (and everything in the forefront) looks to be sitting in front of a backdrop (but not a good photo backdrop).  the background seems to be more of an afterthought rather then well thought out like everything else in the painting.  I understand that perhaps the photo may have been taken outdoors in front of some bushes.  The depth of field caused it to be blurry.  This is where you have to do some possible deviation from the photo.  This is just a guess though because I don't really know if you used a photo or what the photo looked like.

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