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Hello from Maryland

Someone from my atelier class recently referred me to Geneva Brush dip and that started me down the path of learning about Mark and his webpages dedicated to teaching. Being laid up with a bad knee this week, I have watched almost all of his remarkable videos! After completing a 3 year program in a classical atelier in 2017, I had a hunger to watch professional artists paint because as a visual person, I feel I learn so much from watching and Marks videos are exactly what I need and desire. Doing is important as he points out in advising 30 hours a week actually painting, but watching is also so very helpful, at least for me. So thank you so much Mark for this really valuable resource sharing your teaching technique and demos. I would love to come and take your portrait painting course at some point. Sargent is one of my very favorite painters too. Very excited to get my supplies that I ordered a few days ago including the paint, color checker and proportional divider! I'm hoping my work will become looser with practice of not blending, which is hard once you start down that road. Thank you so much for your videos and resources. Here's one of my portraits I did last year.
All the best! Meredith


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    Welcome!, and thank you for the reminder of painting up to 30 hours weekly, that's a good goal adding consistency with it. Wonderful portrait, hope you find what you need here. Looking forward for you to try Mark's method. Enjoy! Just me, but took me a year to set myself up entirely anew from almost nothing, much learning, not enough painting, perhaps this year.
  • Welcome @Meredith - I love that you gave such a lovely history as well.  I cannot imagine the hours you already have in with 3 years in an atelier program!  Your painting is perfection - absolutely lovely.  Thank you for sharing.

  • Welcome Meredith ! Your portrait is beautiful, after mastering Mark's method I am sure you'll paint wonders :)
  • Hi, @Meredith. Welcome to the forum. :) 

    That's a very good portrait.
  • Very nice and welcome 
  • Thanks to you all for your kind welcome. The level I am seeing people on here paint at is really impressive. My new supplies are arriving tomorrow and I'm very excited to try the color checker. Anyone else find it as helpful as it looks?

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    Meredith said:
    I'm very excited to try the color checker. Anyone else find it as helpful as it looks?
    The color checker is a set of training wheels for really seeing color and value.  It's a tool to help you get it right, because using your untrained eye will not be very effective at first.  It's initially tricky to use, because you need to get your studio lights just right to stop the reflections.  Once set up right, the color checker trains you to look closely and properly at your subject.  This is one of the reasons why it is better to follow DMP strictly for several paintings before diverging with your own style.  There are many other reasons, but this is one of them.

    After a while, you don't need it.  If you only paint from photographs, you don't need it.  But painting from life, which everyone will tell you is the way to go, does require it at first, at least until your eye is in.
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