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Baby wipes

I was wondering if anybody using baby wipes for cleaning brushes,palette etc. I am using them for 4 years now and is an excellent option for cleaning my brushes before immersing them in brush dip. The only thing I do not know is if they damage the bristles in long term.


  • I've never tried using them and I can't say for sure whether they're ok or not...but here's my gut reaction to that question: 

    Personally I would be very, very hesitant to use a wipe with chemicals in it not meant for oil painting. It's hard to really know how those chemicals can affect your brushes as well as your paint. It may be fine, but I think a much better option is to clean your brushes and palette using chemicals and methods long known to be safe (which is not any more expensive really).
  • edavison - Thank you, I am not sure either and this is why I am asking. In short term they don't harm the bristles, not more than mineral spirits do. That's for sure. On the other hand I use them for cleaning my bike's chain or some parts of my car's engine and they also doing fine....LOL!  After all these conclusions I am sure they are not safe for baby's skin though...
  • Folks

    Water is the usual ingredient along with some alcohol. Some brands have softeners, lotions and perfumes added. All brands use a mould and fungus inhibitor.

    There is a range extending up to industrial wipes for oil and grease. I seem to remember using a container of wipes for removing paint.


  • Yes - any wipes that the wife buys to clean the stove, I use and have done for years no issues do far the wiles run out before my brushes are worn out 
  • The wipes I'm familiar with for removing paint are meant to remove paint from surfaces you don't want painted and not necessarily compatible for cleaning brushes. Anything that gets into your brush can get into your paints and on to your painting. I really don'r think the small amounts we're talking about could cause harm but we humans have a habit of thinking if (a product) is good for this it is good for that and if a little works good a lot will work better. We just can't be trusted. It's best to use all products (especially those with chemicals) the way the manufacturer intended. Remember the guy who lost a hand to his lawnmower when he tried to use it to trim his hedges.
  • I have used baby wipes for years with no detrimental effects.  I started this at the portrait workshop that I took with Mark some time ago.  He was using them.
  • I use them as well, although have worried about what they could do to the paint.
  • I was afraid that some brands of wipes have mineral oil inthem which keeps paints from dying normally.
  • Aren't they more for cleaning oil? The wet wipes for babies just evaporate away.
  • If a baby wipe is left out of the package it dries out quickly (4-5  hours), at least the brand I am using, I don't know about other brands
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