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Mixing paints with medium recipe...need help

edited January 2018 in Color Mixing
I've watched Marks video but he doesn't go through all the colors and says the recipes are in the supply list but I can't find them. What slow dry medium amount should I use for the different colors and what about the other oils? Is there a superior sdm I should use?


  • whites (without clove), cad yellows, brown will need more SDM but go slowly and observe how paint reacts, paint shouldn't be watery. Transparent colors such as suggested blues and reds have a higher oil percentage will take up less SDM. So add medium very limited here. But make sure you are using similar pigments that Mark suggested.
  • medium recipes

    There are currently no mediums on the market that slow the drying rate of oil paint adequately, so you will need to make it yourself.

    recipe for slow-dry medium (for all colors except titanium white):

    • 10 parts odorless mineral spirits (any artist-grade odorless mineral spirits will do)
    • 5 parts stand oil or linseed stand oil (this is viscous like honey and is not the same as refined linseed oil)
    • 1 part refined linseed oil
    • 5 parts Venice turpentine *
    • 2 parts oil of cloves

    For burnt umber, you will need extra clove oil. Please watch this video for instructions on how to incorporate the extra clove oil into burnt umber:

    recipe for slow-dry medium for titanium white:

    • 10 parts odorless mineral spirits
    • 1 part stand oil or linseed stand oil
    • 5 parts refined linseed oil
    • 5 parts Venice turpentine *

    * Venice turpentine is not at all the same as what is commonly known as "turpentine", a solvent commonly used by artists many years ago (and still used by some artists today). Venice turpentine, on the other hand, is simply tree sap — a thick resin which is thick like honey.

    Oil of cloves is sold as "clove leaf oil", "clove bud oil", or simply "clove oil" — any of these forms is fine. You may try looking for it in drug stores, health food stores, or from an online supplier.

    Here is a video tutorial on mixing paint with medium:

    The above is the list from Mark's supply. I would add that for Venice Turpentine Mark has said that "immitation Venice turpintine is ok and he uses that too.

    as clove oil is necessary to slow drying rates, it's important to get it fresh and clear.

    THE amount of SDM to add to paint is not stated because it depends on the brand and color. Follow the advice Mark gives in that video you mentioned. I found it easier to start with smaller amounts of paint from the tube than Mark shows and use an eye dropper to add the SDM. Let each batch sit in closed containers overnight and make adjustments to the consistency the next day. You can add SDM but you can't take it out so if it is too runny leave it out in the open for a day or two and check it frequently. Good Luck.

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