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Sources of linen canvas?

I am interested in starting to paint on linen.  I am also a DIY type, and enjoy the process of making things myself.

has anyone tried buying linen fabric from a fabric store to use for making your own linen painting supports?  I don't mind sizing and priming the fabric myself.  Just looking to perhaps save a bit of $$$$!  $25/ yard seems a bit steep!


  • don't do it! there is a reason why linen for painting is more expensive: it doesn't sag! besides, you will spend hours and hours with that painting, you might have it on your (or somebody else's) wall for years. i believe you should only work with the best material available. if you want to go the cheap road buy some canvas covered carbboards at your local (or internet) art shop. they are inexpensive and will do fine. a lot of painters of expressionism in the 1920's and laer worked on them.
    just sayin', tomas
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