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Fifteenth painting work in progress. 22x32 inch OOC


  • That's huge.  I love these flowers-in-the-dark paintings.
  • @PaulB thanks you might be interested to know I actually had to use a lot of that quinacridone magenta to mix these colours. Wasn't possible without it. If i didn't happen to have that colour I would have been very confused and frustrated

    The painting is big but the flowers are pretty easy to paint so I expect to get it done fairly quickly. Biggest challenge seems to be avoiding all blending to preserve purity of the colours (they grey out way too easily.. It's annoying).
  • Can't wait to see these flowers come to life and grow on your canvas!
  • @movealonghome I would not have guessed there was magenta in there, but those blues are quite vivid.
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    @Renoir I can always count on you to be excited about a flower painting haha! Hope you like this one - it's "different"

    @PaulB yeah it's crazy - in the lighter values even a small amount of ultramarine is enough to kill the colour. Flowers rule
  • Beautiful start. I'm really getting to like black backgrounds for flowers. Youve made a convert of me.  @PaulB I don't understand the UB comment.
  • BOB73 said:
    @PaulB I don't understand the UB comment.
    I think @movelonghome is saying the paler mixes have the tiniest amount UB in them, and the slightest amount is enough to dull the color, meaning that the color is right on the edge of the gamut.  Did I read that right @movealonghome?
  • The lighter values are pure phthalo blue and white and adding a bit of ultramarine is enough to make them much less bright and powerful. Same with the mid range values although those ones also have the magenta in them.
  • Gotcha. Thanks for 'splainin' me to that. Also, looking at the painting, I wondered if you used a minute amount of red or yellow but the palette doesn't have any.
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    There's actually a lot of magenta ( a "power" red) in the darkest 5 or so values. A couple of them look quite purple if you see them in person. Haven't used any yellow yet though

    Apparently Sargent believed painting flowers is good practice and a good way to learn about using pure colours. It's very true - mixing flower colours is different than normal non-power colours.
  • I can see these colors you describe quite well on my screen.
  • I did not know that about Sargent. Our weather around here has been dark, cold, wet, icy, and completely lacking in color or light. I was going to buy some flowers to paint but at the grocery store they were 'unnatural'ly colored. I was thinking of stopping by our florists for anything she throws away. My dilemma is knowing when I'll have a good block of time to paint. I have fresh produce in my refrigerator that's withered and died waiting to pose for a still life ;-)
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    @Renoir i can send you a good picture of a single flower and leaf and stem if you want. I have a couple good shots I took last summer as well as some I did indoors if you want to try one in this style... Bright colour on black background

    They're good value practice because they have every value from black to almost white and everything in between
  • @movealonghome - That would be wonderful!!! I took a lot of flower photos last summer, but I only have a cell phone camera and they're pretty much good for nothing. That would be so great! Plus, with this dreary weather getting to paint some eye popping colors would lift my spirits too. 
    You are so kind to offer :-)
  • Ohhhh I cant wait to see it done. Amazing so far
  • Thanks guys - it's starting to look better now.

  • Vivid, and it pops right of the page well done
  • So beautiful! 
    I’d love this on my wall. The blue is stunning. 
  • This is looking stunning.  Can you explain how you are making those gorgeous transitions between colors without blending? Can you describe your brushwork - types, sizes and techniques? Thanks.
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    @Wishiwaspainting thanks but the painting in this one really isnt all that impressive... Here's a close up you can zoom in on to see what I've been doing. Looks good from a distance at least. I've been painting knowing that since there are going to be so many flowers in the final painting I don't necessarily have to spend that much time painting each flower all that well. If it was just one flower theb I would make it look a lot nicer. I haven't even done any colour matching for this one at all.. Am just trying to get the canvas covered really and make the flowers look not flat. With that being said the painting would be better if I had been spending more time on it

    ....i really think it looks so terrible in all these pictures lol. Thank god it looks good in person

  • @movealonghome Then I guess you are proving Mark’s point that you can “paint ugly” and still have a fabulous looking painting as the eye will fill in the blanks. But even on that point I would disagree that you are painting ugly. This looks really good even close up.

     I’m currently reading Richard Schmid’s book Alla Prima II. He also makes the point throughout that except for the focal points our eyes naturally don’t see anything else in sharp focus. He feels that putting everything in equally sharp focus actually makes things look less natural and is a distraction. His writing is wonderfully clear. I absolutely love his paintings.  I hope I can remember a fraction of what I’m reading. It is definitely a work that I will read again. 

     Anyway, your flowers look extremely natural and the work is a pleasure to look at. 
  • Still looks great even close up @movealonghome
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    Does anyone know why when I open a RAW file in photoshop, then convert it to JPEG of any quality, and then upload it here, it gets super drained of colour when uploaded to the site? To the extent that it looks like a completely different colour, or has moved far toward greyscale. I've been using screen captures to get around this.

    Also generally just finding it impossible to get a decent picture of this or any other painting. No picture I've ever taken is even close to an accurate representation of how the painting actually looks. For example this one has a very lively silvery glow in the highlights compared to the pic which looks flat and awful. Colours also look way off. Not even close least looking at the painting after the picture it makes me feel much better about the painting lol. Painting looks amazing in comparison

  • edited January 26
    @movealonghome, I don't know why this happens, I have same experience, my paintings and photos always better than what is shown here. I just do the best I can (which means I work harder at it, time consuming) and just let it go. Many of us get the gist of what's happening and are forgiving of this. Then again some us unaware and take it for granted and some critiques become inadequate. I am always left feeling much better, knowing it looks great in my studio, as well as in the full sunshine and will look great in a gallery. Definitely an ongoing contentious issue. Regardless, you are doing great work and this painting above is looking quite wonderful!
  • As crappy as the image is it is still a  beautiful concept and composition I like the colors and would love it if I could see more of the magenta in the blue.

  • I love your style.  Do you have a title for this one?
  • @PaulB thanks - what do you think about "An Isolated Incident" ?
  • @PaulB thanks - what do you think about "An Isolated Incident" ?
    I like it, because I think I know what it refers to.
  • Hey @movealonghome this is looking great - I've been away and am trying to catch up but missed this. Even more striking than I imagined it would be.
  • It’s just gorgeous.  There’s such life and movement in it. The flowers look as though they’re falling from the sky , creating a sort of dance and drama in the painting. 

  • Thanks guys - @Roxy I've been thinking of doing one with big white flowers.. Might be even higher contrast
  • This really works. If you show it publicly I'm sure it would sell immediately if not sooner.
  • Thanks @BOB73 - I do like the idea of painting stuff that I will eventually be able to get rid of haha
  • Don't paint for money, don't paint for people, paint for eternity. Geisha tells me that You can!
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