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Banner gallery

just took another look at the excellent paintings on the gallery banner above this post - where did they all go?
have the members left, moved on? 
Just wondering ? 


  • Soylent Green is not a paint color.
  • huh? @alsart   One of them changed their name to Bob73. Just Kidding, I'll never make the banner. @EstherH was here in December. @Martin_J_Crane has posted more recently with an update. I'm sorry to say that many of them have moved on but I think they still visit once in a while.

    If you go to the banner and click on a painting then click again on the enlargement it will take you to the thread where it was posted then ckick on the avatar or the person's name and it will take you to their page. At the top it tells you when they joined and the date of their last activity (I'm not sure if it reflects the last time they logged in or their last post/comment. 
  • There are some good works up there, let's hope they adorn some nice walls somewhere @BOB73

  • One of them, @santosbodin, who posted here in the forum earlier this month, has his works on display now as part of a larger art show at Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) until the end of March. I guess more than just a few dozen will see them. Others have appeared in galleries, been in competitions and/or been sold. Rest assured none of these are collecting dust in an attic. There's hope for us yet, several of them started out like us.
  • @BOB73   have you ever posted a painting here?  You seem to not have time to paint and I love your enthusiasm and humor but I don't know that I have ever seen you post any of your works in progress or finished pieces.  You seem very knowledgeable and I would love to admire your work.  

    @alsart ; as far as the banner goes ...  personally, I think the paintings are absolutely gorgeous and deserve their recognition.  People get busy, move on, get famous or just quit painting - there have been some requests lately to change the banner - Mark is busy - he has a lot going on - he provides us this venue and forum.  How can some of us require (demand) the banner be changed as if it is a simple thing.  Mark would have to go through numerous works, change the website etc. etc. etc.     

    I know you weren't requesting the banner be updated.  It has just come up so many times lately and I think it is demanding of Mark's time and energy.  He provides this for free and some people want different highlighted pictures? - I think this website is inspiring - the photos are the attention getter and serve their purpose - they are lovely.

    Mark isn't even here as much as he was able to be in the beginning so it is not surprising that other artists are not as active as well.

    I hope that you are the next prized student of DMP @alsart and that you get so busy you can't come to the forum anymore :).  Wouldn't that be lovely.

  • I agree the paintings are fantastic , I like them being there and often "walk" through the gallery very inspiring - I was just wondering where all these talented people got too,..
    but yes we all move on in life and what ever we do @Julianna

    i guess this answers  my question and it can be considered closed
  • @Julianna, I'm having issues controlling the brush. Slapping the brush on a canvas and cursing doesn't seem to be an effective methodology for rendering objects. I painted and did craftsy stuff decades ago but none recently to speak of except for some scenery and back drops for my daughter's middle school drama production of a Dickens play on 4x8 sheets of plywood (no gesso no painting ground for those). Both daughters are grown now and still live with me. She asked me for an oil painting almost two years ago. it was a disaster. I put it away till I figure things out (painting in dining room). I had never painted in oils on canvas just acrylics and water colors on paper. Oil based painted from cans with no additional mediums on other platforms but not the same as oil painting. I learned a lot of the things I share from my mother (she would be 102 yrs old now) and my aunts. I learned too in industrial situations. I bought books on oil painting and found Mark Carder. Then I found the forum  and people were doing better than I with their paintings but still worried and plagued with lack of confidence and other issues. things happened where I lost my supplies and a reasonable space to paint in but I was getting all this enthusiasm from Mark I felt like I needed to offer some encouragement to the forum members having difficulties. So until I have something decent to contribute I'll just be an armchair quarterback and a cheerleader.
  • @Bob73, you can always paint with a palette knife (or even fingers) if you can't get to grips with the brushes.

    Hope to see a painting by you!
  • BOB73BOB73 -
    edited January 2018
    I've got some primed linen panels but I have to sand them more. I can't draw on them with anything but a magic marker or a wood-burning iron. I put so much stain on them it has a rubbery surface (I was anxious to get going) the weather has been unusually un-cooperative (obstinate, obtuse and obturating) I'm almost to the point of taking a belt sander to them. In the mean time My 16 square feet of studio space I had cleared out has been whitled down to less than four.  I can't (won't) paint in an area that I have to put everytthing away after every session. Once I set it up it's THERE. I have a real easel now still in the box and two good tables recovered from Harvey and a thrift store out in the garage co-mingled with a buch of other stuff for storage or re-introduction to our home. Late Sat night we were awakened by a loud clatter and found my daughter's closet had discomboberated. Clothes rod and top shelves had fallen down on one side leaving some big holes in the wall. Stuff like that just keeps happening to me. My 16 year-old car gave up the ghost the end of December and was forced to by a newer car so now the money's not there for repairs and remodeling. Stuff like that just keeps happening to me.
  • @BOB73... sorry to hear that. It can be really discouraging. And you went through a lot with Harvey. 
    My life has been like that for the past 10+ years. I hope you can carve out a corner in your life to express your art, no matter how imperfect. But in the meantime let these things not 'obturate' your creative flow. (I'm pretty sure I didn't use that term in the correct context, but considering I faithfully listen to NPR's 'A Way With Words' I just had to use it!)
  • My wife used to beat me up too. with Scrabble.
  • Painting or not painting,.. your input is very much valued and appreciated here @BOB73
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