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Darktable - free alternative for Lightroom

I've not tried it yet, but might be useful to people here! :)


  • I've heard of it but I'm immersed in Affinity at this time.  Have tried four other image processors over the years, but still, would like to know what others think of darktable.   
  • I am now using "darktable" on Windows 7, unpacked from .zip.This is much better than other familiar  image processors. Been a fan of Lightroom 3/4 years and recently GIMP, I prefer this so far, quite impressed. Just learning to use it, don't know how to export processed images as .JPEG or other formats just yet. Thanks @Richard_P.
  • Does it convert .RAW to other formats and can I get a print with my golden lines already on it?
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                                                                         It does accept and convert .RAW and edit .RAW, convert .JPEG to 1/2 size .RAW as an option, also generate HDR. The quality of photos produced are quite nice in comparison and now is my new preference. Also much tagging system available for photos if and when needed. I also have art project processing beginning with 134 photos from 35mm (disposable camera) Fuji film prints of chalk art I did on the streets between years 1998-2006, mainly color correction, quality enhancement & such. Finally enjoying these results and some fantastic memories! I don't know of any perspective correcting tools I need, I get this part through GIMP.
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    I haven't got far enough yet to find out if I can get it printed containing golden lines or any other lines, there are a variety of grids available to assist in setting a good composition within darkroom. I will let you know.
  • @Forgiveness - I like the street art, that alone would be a good historic thread, I for one would enjoy seeing your past works
  • Thanks Mark. I love the sidewalk. is the poem from the swan or you. Believe it or not, that thing about hearing the sound inside is real for people like me with ear damage. Tinnitus is the most common. In a poetic sense those are the sounds we imagine don't you think? 
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    That is part of this @BOB73, I suffer some ear damage as well, indeed Tinnitus being most common, often taken for our imaginations. And I did in fact write the poetry and still have it all written out in old fashioned paper carefully stored away. Mainly the poetry is about encouraging staying close to the heart and for the wisdom there that we most often take for granted and further regret later for doing so, and learn to slow down and even stop and appreciate this part of ourselves and our world more. And in many places the swan represents the soul and grace, people fall in love with beautiful pictures of swans everywhere the same, imagine encountering this image above measuring 12' X 15'. Einstein played his violin only but in one corner of his house, where he was most comfortable being better able to hear himself and be at peace with himself. The poetry outdoors lasted with much fun 2 years, only pictures after that. These photos may be better on display somehow, somewhere soon. The message I carried on the street was "Support Living Artists".
  • I've admired side walk art ever since I saw Bert in "Mary Poppins". The 3D artists of today blow me away. "Support Living Artists" maybe you could start a "Go Fund Me" account on FB.
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    I would like to try "darktable" on a different operating system (mine may have issues), I continue to work with what I already have quite well and continue to move forward no worries.
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    Well, after a free trial, I ended up buying Affinity. I like GIMP (which is free and can do lots) but Affinity has a more user-friendly interface. It is easier to use than GIMP, can deal with RAW files, has better HELP and many good, free tutorials. And Affinity is much cheaper than Photoshop (which is a rip-off you have to pay for forever) and, as far as I can see,  Affinity can do pretty much everything Photoshop does -  at least everything I will ever need or be able to learn to use. So, with my new Olympus camera and Affinity, I hope to put together some useful reference photos for my landscapes. I'm still learning how to use image editing software and, of course, I still intend to make colour notes on site. Cameras and computers and software are not yet as good as eyes in that respect.

  • I like GIMP for reasons already mentioned and have a plan to subscribe to Affinity in the future, as I am impressed.
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