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Rant - Abstract painting

Im a fairly new artist and still exploring styles and techniques hoping that I will find mine in the process. One thing I have always struggled with is abstract art. For the longest time I didnt understand its appeal, but I’ve learned that it’s because it goes against my style and methods.

I naturally gravitate towards realism and impressionism and found DMP and Marks methodology. Since I dont use geneva paints yet, my open time for mixed paint is pretty small, Id say 24-48 hours. 

Since I dont like wasting paint, ive been using the extra paint ive mixed to explore new styles and texchniques such as abstract. Lemme tell ya, I have a new found appreciation for abstract artist because I found it extremely difficult to free myself from the constraints and make an abstract poece of work!


  • I have done the same.  I give it all away as decorative art.  To me, without being critical, that is my only interest in it.
    You can make your paint last much longer by mixing your tube paint with a 1:1 stand oil and linseed oil mix with a dash of clove oil, then covering it and placing it in the refrigerator.  Its not the slow dry medium but it will add a day or two to your working time.
  • There is some logic behind abstract art, but what I find is that the painting of abstract art is far more satisfying than the viewing of same. My thoughts only.

    For longer lasting paint, I cover my palette securely with plasric wrap and place it in the freezer. It lasts for days and days. I mix with limseed/stand oil and a little venice turpentine. I cannot tolerate strong odors so I am not able to use It. Freezer works great.
  • My kids find that in the freezer, they'll zap it in the microwave and eat it. Seriously though I think there is satisfaction in pushing paint around a canvas with little or no intent to have a "scene" develop from it. After watching a movie about Jackson Pollock I wondered if he didn't paint for "self-therapy" rather than to produce something people would look at. So I have to agree that it's fun to paint it but not have to look at it afterwards.
  • Well, for some reason my post was deleted. Thanks, mods (lol)!

    I guess i'll be swift, in fear of this too being deleted.

    Abstract art is great and can be a catalyst for realist art.
  • It has been said that abstract painting is the excuse used by those who don't know how to draw, and won't spend the energy to learn.  I'm not sure about this, but I do know that most good realism works of art are full of abstraction.  You just need to learn how to see it.
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    Flatty said:
    Sorry JPD no offense ! Thems the rules

    Dear forum members. As Moderator of this forum I am charged with keeping the peace as well as making sure that we not loose the focus of this forums intent.
    This forum was created to help artist paint better realism and to share the experience via conversations and postings of completed work. In the spirit of this, moving forward any posted paintings/drawings that are not considered to be realism will be removed from the forum. I fully realize that their are many interpretations of realism and that will be respected
    This is in no way a reflection of the quality of ones work but as how it relates to painting realism
    Perhaps, but if youre gallant in following the continuity of the rules on the forum (and the rules youre referencing are posted in the "post your paintings" and not this one btw) you might as well just delete this thread entirely.

    Moreover, if you read my initial post, it was actually conducive to the painting of realism.

    Being a mod is an admirable job, but there are ways of being a mod and not completely dumping someone's input, as thats discouraging behavior for supporters of the forum.

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