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Color mixing - properties of black and white

Im fairly new to the dmp method so I make a lot of mistakes in the process. I also havent been able to afford the geneva limited pallet yet. That being said, one thing i have noticed when mixing colors to match photographs is that black and white arent additive and subtractive. Meaning I often find myself saying that a color needs to be darker and lighter at the same time. Any thoughts?


  • @edavison yes, thank you! That is a very helpful explanation. I believe I can mix my values close but I’m having problems keeping the right saturation. My colors almost always seem to be too dirt and not pure enough, and I tend to reach for powerful pigments to increase the intensity of the color. I’ll just keep practicing until I run out of paint and have an excuse to buy the geneva and go by the book. And I should probably have Mark’s color wheel handy when mixing.
  • If you're using pthalo anything that will guarantee trouble avoiding the "dirt". Cad red will give you problems. If you can avoid using black to darken values that might help too. BU and UB are easier to manage.These are all the mistakes I was fumbling with. I wish my experience and advice came from my successes but haven't had any yet!!!!
  • edited January 2018
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