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Clothing stain

Is there a best way to remove Geneva paint stains from clothing? l love the colors but they look so much better on canvas than on my pants. I'll need to get a smock.


  • No suggestions - Smock is a great idea - my apron is impressively painted :).  There were a few times that I was able to blot wet oil paint off of clothes - try mineral spirits???  Doubtful though if it is dry.
  • I've learned to only wear shabby clothing, and that oil paint washes off elbows in a week or so.  If your painting falls on you, it may leave paint in unexpected places.  Don't sit on a tube wringer.
  • @Julianna ; and @PaulB . Thanks. 

    The paint was still fresh so I applied a general concentrated clothing stain remover, let it sit for 10 minutes and then threw it into the wash. It just came out and that worked. I'll wear a smock from now on.
  • What's the point of sitting on a tube IF YOU have a tube wringer? If you treat your clothing with scotch guard or camp-dry (sprays) the paint will come off easier but not after it dries too long. You can also purchase paper/tyvek jump-suits. Commercial painters and sand blasters use them but HAZMAT workers wear them for underwear. They make Tyvek lab coats (smocks) too. Check out amazon, industrial&scientific disposable workwear. but be careful jumpsuits and smocks should be less than $3-9 for disposables but some sellers are asking hundreds of dollars. CASES of 25-50 might cost that much but make sure you know.   these are disposable and some are even washable but they will last a long time if you don't do any stunt-double work. You can also get real smocks and lab coats for painting. @PaulB they come with built-in hoods and booties too for painters with untrained easels and wandering tube-wringers.
  • What have you all been doing? I don't think I've ever got oil paint on my clothes..
  • I have to agree with Richard and I have to laugh because I was just considering wearing my Sunday best from now on in order to train my mind to not have accidents.  I seem to remember reading and seeing images about artists doing the same in the 20s and 30s.  :o
  • SummerSummer -
    edited January 2018
    Coincidentally, two smocks from Penneys arrived in the mail today. 
  • @PaulB ; You have shown that the canvas can have you down for the count at the same time as being down on the canvas for the count.  Hmm. 
  • To add to @PaulB's list. I would add painting from jars with two piece lids invites spillage especially when first mixing and transferring from tubes. I'm lucky to be of a type who doesn't get rid of old clothes so I have plenty to wear while painting and not be worried about spills.
  • PaulB said:
    Richard_P said:
    What have you all been doing? I don't think I've ever got oil paint on my clothes..
    • Dropping the brush
    • Dipping elbow in the palette, then elbow against shirt
    • Leaning on wet painting, then hand on knee
    • Vigorous paint mixing splashes
    • Paint farts from a Geneva tube with air in it
    • Easel malfunction, painting falls on me
    • Putting wrist on palette while picking up paint
    • Wiping brow with painted hand
    • Dropping an open tube of paint
    • Brushing against painting while walking past
    • Dropping a palette knife with paint on it
    • Holding a painting to look closely at it, and touching shirt
    I guess you're not engaging in full-contact painting, Richard.
    Maybe you need a padded room for extra safety.. :D
  • Richard_P said:
    What have you all been doing? I don't think I've ever got oil paint on my clothes..
    Being in the moment and just using whatever I am wearing to clean paint off the brush- even when I have paper towel right in front of me. Mental.

  • SummerSummer -
    edited January 2018
    @Boudicca Love the shirts.  I hope someone in the fabric design world is watching and reading this thread.  I would purchase a smock with this fabric design in a minute if it were available.  What a great idea.  :)  Summer
  • She got that one from Darth Vader.
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