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Not always seeing new replies to threads..

I've noticed that sometimes there is a thread with new replies in it that doesn't appear to have any when shown in the forum. What I mean by that is that it's not being shown in the normal bold blue text with the number of new posts in the yellow box. I've missed a few replies because of that because I didn't think there were any new posts yet.

Has anyone else had this?


  • Yep, me too.  Happens once or twice a day, I think.  I'm not entirely sure how many I've missed.
  • and I was missing a ton because I never knew the magic of "recent discussions" button - I kept going to the post your paintings to see what people posted - very rarely did I look anywhere else.  I have to say, I think it is amazing that Mark Carder provides us such a wonderful venue for sharing and learning - it is incredibly generous of him.  And to @Flatty for keeping it civilized.  This website is much more sophisticated than most and allows for so many beautiful images.  I was away for a few weeks so missed so very much.  I look forward to catching up and getting in the groove of painting again.
  • Me too, and also I get sn e mail on other users replies, lots of e mails sometimes 
  • I've noticed when I sometimes open a thread that I'm not on the most recent page. If I comment, it may not be relevant to the newest input. So now I check the bottom of the page for "previous" and "next". Of course sometimes my comments are irrelevant no matter where I put them.
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