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DaturaDatura -
edited January 13 in Post Your Paintings
Oil on board
100 x 70 cm
Critique and opinions would be highly appreciated:)


  • This is cool! Difficult subject to paint but you did it well :) 

    I would suggest on working to get a better value range. Everything seems to be the same lighter mid tone without any strong darks. If that's intentional or part of your style disregard of course. 
  • edited January 13
    Beautiful painting! good composition, I especially like the hint of the doorway, and what a story here!
  • @Edavision - thank you very much, I like complicated subjects:) It was intentional to create this surreal atmpsphere. But you are right, it might look better with higher contrast.

    @Forgiveness -Thank you very much, I like composition and details, colour is my biggest struggle.
  • Color yes, comes down to much color checking with a color checker, patience to mix it all, and finally experience.
  • I agree,:) this painting was painted with unreal, strange colours on purpouse, but I would like to paint sometimes with more realistic colours.
  • Well done. First glance reminded me of one of my neighbor's house after Harvey. Not a critique but a reminder that images can evoke feelings you never intended to. I think a little contrast would be more to my liking but I see the appeal for a less traditional approach. Where is the art supply store that sells unreal paint and strange colours?
  • @BOB73 - I like both surrealism and realism. This art supply store is located in magical Cracow in Poland;) Beautiful town, great tourism destination, by the way:)
  • edited January 14
    Very interesting, @Datura. And well painted. The colour scheme adds to the slightly sad, spooky feel of the subject. The way you did the dribbling stains on the wall looks very realistic to me. I'm left wondering what happened in this space, in this building.  
    Is it a real place or did you invent it all?
  • That's really excellently rendered trash.  I love the combination. of complexity and decay.  I think an overall slightly darker painting would work.
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