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DMP - Pause, practice DMP - blog, for left over paint,...

alsartalsart -
edited February 8 in Post Your Paintings
So, I am on the home stretch with my Wine project  (DMP 7) and I have two pallets full of mixed and unmixed paint - I can not start my next full on DMP as in a few weeks I should be moving my studio back outside on my balcony (Yippee, natural light) and I want to spend the time setting this up to accommodate oil and DMP number 8 .
So I plan to paint some small works as practice pieces with the left over paint, I will still stick with the DMP process (Ala @Richard_P ) but focus on mixing and placing values, as I say practice works only.
Does this make sense ?



  • Sounds good rather than wasting all that paint. Are you going to try to find an image with similar colours?
  • Yea that's the plan sir 
  • practice 1 - A pear,...
    this is my first practice attempt, and chosen to fit with the color mixes I have left over from my wine and cheese painting, I do not plan to add any more paint to my pallets but mix from what I have already, I am painting on one of my laser cut wood "canvas" to also try the DMP process on this support - I plan to move steady but keep true to DMP 
    the below is my hand drawn sketch with divider , let me know what you think?

  • I am asking myself, I need a little more red, a little more blue, but I only have what I have - background needs to go a little darker day I forgot to say canvas is 8 x 6 

  • Update before I go and hit the links,...
    the wood table or block the pear sits on 
    feedback welcome?

  • For a practice work it's not going too well - I had to wipe back the values in the pear and need to start again

  • A much better placement of values, I feel better to start a blend process tomorrow 
    I am happy with the leaf just a few high lights and it should be rendered nice 

  • Are you painting on the back of a puzzle?
  • No the front, these are my old canvas from some works I used to do with acrylic before DMP days 
    they are custom laser cut wood 
  • edited January 15
    Custom laser cut wood for practicing on, this is just fine, very interesting.
  • Yeah - I wish I could show you one of my old works but it's not for this forum -  we all come from somewhere as they say @Forgiveness
  • First blending phase started and leaf complete 

  • Really very nice @alsart - you have come such a long way in such a short space of time. Now, if I was going to be picky I'd say (i) the perspective of the thing the pear is sitting on looks a little odd. It may be perfectly correct, but something in me wants the left-hand and right-hand sides of that object to converge somewhere behind the middle of the pear, and (ii) the rather straight edge on the RHS of the pear could be a bit more curvy. Again it's probably spot on for what you saw, its just what my mind is telling me (pears have bulbous bottoms and narrow tops, it is whispering).

    Your texture, colour and values in the fruit is absolutely superb.
  • Thanks @Roxy I was troubled with how the pear anchored to the wood block, and I was going to tinker with it, but in the end it's a practice work and my left over paint is turning 
    I like the thought that my mixed pallets from the wine & cheese have spawned a few little works too - I hate  wasting good quality paint 
  • edited January 16
    I think the pear is great, @alsart. Is it from a photo of a painting?  I might have done a tighter crop. But for something you just knocked up quickly out of left over paint it's great. You're going to be one of those who starts near zero technically but quickly ends up doing amazing paintings.   :)
  • This is very good practice. Nice pair and the base it sits on, good perspective. I would have chosen different color for the background to make the pair stand out better, but this is good given you were working with leftover paint, this is good use. And you didn't spend more time on it than what was really necessary to get it done. You might want to consider practicing on a pad of canvas paper or a pad of primed canvas sheets sometime.
  • Thanks @tassieguy ; and @Forgiveness
    I am working on my next practice work - just sizing the photo and will post soon

  • practice 2 - The Hook & chain,...
    The hook & chain represents strength / support / attachment / durability / and we can all relate to that, besides I have plenty of red / rusty brown & yellow / green & blue grey left over - I will sketch this out later today, and this might use up all my left over paint.

  • I think you need to add a border around this, some gap to allow for the shadows to be rendered.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited January 16
    @alsart I am so pleased that you have posted these images.  I love the passage in this one in particular. 

  • Thanks @Summer
    @PaulB my canvas is oversized so i should be able to have room for shadow work 

  • Wow alsart, you are so courageous to do this chain! I would be overwhelmed by it being a close-up and perhaps not easily understood if not rendered perfectly. You're a champ! I admire your determination!
  • practice 2 update - a single leaf,...
    well the hook, is more a full on DMP challenge, and not for this exercise 
    the leaf, I am hoping that the background underlayer will be touch dry, by the time I complete the internal portion of the leaf - same canvas (laser cut wood / jigsaw style) and same size I see the hard part will be the part where the leaf turns in on itself - let me know your thoughts please

  • The part where the leaf turns should be no problem.  Maintain a crisp edge, and be careful with the light and shadow values either side.

    It is hard to see but there is a darker shadow under the leaf, which is essential to the realism.

    Photo is a little out of focus, but usable.
  • Got it I will watch for that @PaulB I just realized I might have to paint every stone and pebble!,...
    i recall your tar spot I will re-read thread when the time comes 
  • So many color variations, not sure if my left over paint can stretch to  get to every value,..

  • Slow progress indeed 
    comments welcome 

  • I got my easel - at no extra shipping cost and only a few days delivery - amazing, it's newness is finding it hard to take a bite on the wood, I tried a wood board as it is thicker than my current canvas boards and it still moves about, I might have to choc  it and play around, but happy with the product @PaulB
    i just got to work out how the hell I set up a DMP oil studio on my balcony outside to the Maui elements - at least lighting is not a concern,...

  • Seeing palm trees in your view tells me you don't know what weather strip is.  A bit of this on the easel helps it clamp onto panels.
  • Ah, yes I can get this from my tradesmen on site - should work a treat thanks @PaulB
  • Thoughts on the gravel background and how to create that effect without spending the next 2 years painting pebbles! 
    The below is on a scrap canvas with same grey under paint - I am thinking apply this  abstractly  around the canvas and when closing  in on  the edges of the leaf make it more realistic, I know I got some careful shadow work aorund the  leaf coming soon,...
    any thoughts how you would figure this out anyone ?

  • Looks like gravel to me!
  • Going slow, my left over paint is producing a washed out and less than pleasing finish, the pebble dot /blob/dash effect will work for this practice piece, overall I am not happy with how this is turning out 
    any feedback critique very welcome,...

  • I used the last of my left over paint, so this is it fir a while, I will park this up for now 
    when I say last, the paint has become so thin it is not useable - but I got 1.5 painting out of this exercise so it was not wasted 

  • I just can not walk by and not get this finished, I had to squeeze a little more paint out and have another go 

  • That looks like gravel to me. Are you going to put the shadows in, under the leaf?
  • Yes @Forgiveness I am going to see this through I need to mix up some more paint to finish and I will do the shadows that @PaulB noted, I need to sharpen some edges and work on the leaf turn over portion 
    for a practice work this is growing on me,...

  • The leaf is outlined in gray, and it makes it look flat.

    On your painting, trace your eye around the edge of the leaf, all the way around.  Now compare to the photo.  Lots more black in the photo. This is what I meant earlier when I said:
    It is hard to see but there is a darker shadow under the leaf, which is essential to the realism.
    You need more black surface texture going right up to the edge of the leaf, and more of it on the near edges.  Look what happens when a darker edge is added, it lifts it off the background a little.

    Good leaf colors, and the background texture is great.
  • Impressed especially with the gravel!  The leaf and stem are spectacular.
  • Wow - I see what you mean @PaulB  let me work on this, that little detail makes a huge difference thanks 

  • Very nice.  Good work.

    I particularly like that you did it all without posterized images.  How do you feel this went, compared to your more structured earlier paintings?
  • For this one I just used my I pad, as the image size on the I pad would fit on my small wood canvas, I locked the I pad image and used the dividers to draw it straight from the I pad - I feel that I loose the color values when I print out the photo for some reason and I have more success with color matching on the I pad, just keep a wet wipe handy as I mess the I pad up, but I have a film cover so it's ok,  it worked well with the I pad.
    the leaf turning over portion  was a concern, but it just seemed to happen you was right with that,..
    in the end I have two half decent works from mostly left over paint, I have been educated on shadow lines ( thanks) and background texture, overall it was a free, easy,  enjoyable time, 
    i will finish this up today and start planning the hook painting, which I think is a huge technical challenge 
    I have counted over 15 color steps just on the hook - thanks @PaulB

  • What a difference that shadow makes! So subtle to the eye, yet vital to the painting. Nice work! Aren't you glad you've been posting these so you can get that kind of feedback. I think this is a very big step for you in your art.
  • Oh for sure - the support is amazing @Renoir
  • 02/08/18 practice 3 - I have mixed paint left over from the hook - rust, brown, yellow, grey, blues, pinks, and greens - I am going to attempt a very loosely drawn out tree landscape - actually it will be from a refercene photo below, this is a watercolor of the banyan tree in my local town lāhainā and I will keep to DMP process, but remove what I don't want from the photo, and use up what paint I have - again a practice work only - comments are welcome 

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