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Getting space ready

This forum has been invaluable in setting up my painting space. The available space is limited 
so I made a wall-mounted easel It is adjustable both from side to side and up-and-down on 
Incra T tracks. An Incra hold-down (painted black and attaced to the upper easel cross bar, will keep canvases 
in place. The easel can hold canvases the same way that Mark's can.
A photograph holder was also made and mounted on a camera tripod that I already had. It is 
attached with a wooden version of a universal photography mount.

LED lighting that I already had to photograph my woodworking was mounted on a Neewer wall 
mounting boom.

My Geneva palettes and paint just arrived. I just copied Mark’s paint brush holder but will 
need to find a better space for it.

A black curtain will also be hung behind me and a tarp placed on the floor to protect the carpet. 
That will have to wait until I heal from some back surgery which I had earlier this week. 
In the meantime, I will continue as I have, lurking here.

1.jpg 133.9K
2.jpg 171K
3.jpg 128.3K
4.jpg 148.1K


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