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Portrait Study - Please Critique


  • Oh that's good.  You're very good at likenesses.

    Suggest a little more definition in the eyes, right ear and necklace.  Maybe a few hard lines in the hair.
  • I would like to further suggest little more definition under the chin as well. I like how much you have improved!
  • Look at the shadow line you have going down the nose.  Yours is straight. She has two big inward dips.  One between her eyes and another a bit farther down.  That's important to her likeness.  I wish I knew how to photoshop the line to show you.  You have the line correct at the bottom of her nose(between the two nostrils) but I see much more highlight on the left side of it. 
  • It could be the photo of the painting, but it looks like the lightest skin value is still too dark compared to the source image. See how white it is on the side of her nose?
  • Tremendous job but I have to agree with the previous comments and add that although the neck and necklace where it meets the hair is very much like the source, the painting in the area could use some adjustment to show a more natural neckline. You could "push" out and better define the line of the neck between the jaw/chin and the necklace.
  • thank you everyone for the useful comments!
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