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Trolley to El Cajon

Day 1.  Added an additional figure.  I think you can see another train through the window.  I think this would be confusing for the viewer so I'm not going to paint that. Instead I'll create some reflections of the riders.  Really looking forward to tackling this one.


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    I like this, and is this what we call "a painting in a frame, within a frame?
  • @karynr   have you thought of putting the woman on her cell phone where the inserted man is that you don't like?  Her head pointing that way just takes my eye right out of the painting - Compositionally, if you want the viewer to stay in the painting, if she is on the right - it makes a lovely spiral.    I love, Love, LOVE the red and black!!!   this is going to be awesome!
  • karynrkarynr -
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    @julianna Thanks, that's a good idea!  She's far more interesting!  Do you think it will look to empty where she was sitting?
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    @karynr not at all - especially with these colors, less is more - simple, simple, simple.  I keep thinking of some of David Hockney's work when I see your paintings - editing is important.  Even in your hotel, the trees not being there would be just as interesting - the colors are powerful in your paintings.  I'm just telling you my instincts, I am hardly one in academia - my gut tells me edit, edit edit with your kind of work, which I LOVE.   It could even be cool with her being the ONLY human in the painting in the position of where that other figure was.    

    If she is on the train by herself, I would be more intrigued emotionally - what time is it?  what is her story?  why is she alone?  she looks lonely?  I would be drawn to her in an emotional way.
  • karynrkarynr -
    edited January 13
    @Julianna Yes!  By herself! 

    While you know I love Hockney, my inspiration for this is my other love, Hopper, specifically, his 'Nighthawks'. 

    When I first saw that painting I was intrigued by his use of light, the inside compared to the outside.  But the longer I  looked at it, I began to notice the patrons and thought about who they are, and why they're there.

    Thinking about a story was the step I skipped here.  I was all caught up 'in the light'.

    The contrast between light and dark will be enhanced when I darken the exterior of the train, which I can't wait to do!

    You are right, the woman who is intensely caught up in her phone should be alone.  Great idea!  Thanks!
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    @karynr   and you and I both share a magnificent affection for Hopper!  Your hotel very much reminded me of the splash series of Hockney though.

    I think the girl on the train will be a magnificent subject.  Perhaps you could do a series, add other people in future works - it could be a window into the secrets kept on that car of the train.  :)   ok, now, i'm taking the story a bit too far.

    I can't wait to see the girl on the train painting!!!!!   yay!!!!!!!!   I love the composition - frame in a frame as @Forgiveness mentioned and I particularly love the black and red contrast.  
  • Added first layer of glaze to the train's exterior and it's barely discernable.  It's gonna take a lot of layers of glazing...patience!  The contrast between light and dark will be worth the wait. (fingers crossed).  Working on interior.  Train girl will be last to board.
  • Another great idea for a painting, @karynr. That red and black is a very sonorous combination. I love it.
  • Just getting back to working on this, my dad had emergency surgery a few weeks ago.  Painting feels so good, proof of its theraputic nature.  Disregard the seats, they're getting worked on next.  Also, my photo isn't exactly square.  Sign closest to the camera is still under construction.  Cheers.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your father.   I like the sign closest to the camera - it is like it is glowing neon.  I look forward to seeing this progress - thank you for sharing.
  • I absolutely love this composition and your style. Sorry for your father I hope everything is fine now.
  • Looking great, @Karynr. Hope your dad is on the mend. :)
  • Thank you @Julianna, @Bobitaly, and @tassieguy.  Dad is doing remarkably well for an 87 year old who just had his gallbladder removed.  I'm very happy to be painting again!
  • @Julianna, I tried!  I painted her in twice, but the figure is just too small to carry the space.  These figures are just roughed in, plus seats and head rests still need work, but I feel the end is in sight.  
  • I love it!   Excellent!

  • Studied 'Hopper people' last night.  
  • Hoping to put the finishing touches on this, this weekend.
  • I put too much time into this piece to walk away not content with the end product, so what I thought was the end, wasn't.

    "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." - Winston Churchill."

    Thanks, Winston.  Of course he was speaking of the war in Europe, but he probably had similar thoughts as a painter.

    There was too much contrast between light and dark.  And so much interior light that the sense of isolation and atmosphere was lost.

    I've been using a black glaze to knock down the ceiling.  I've also faded the interior light on the walls, keeping them brighter at the top.  This doesn't come across so much in the picture.

    I'll keep tweaking it until I'm happy.

  • PaulBPaulB -
    edited February 18
    Good analysis, good subtle changes.  All your decisions look good in fact.  The interior walls and the exterior changes are really well done.
  • Thanks, Paul.  Editing is what I especially like about painting.  It's like working a puzzle or solving a mystery.
  • karynr said:
    Thanks, Paul.  Editing is what I especially like about painting.  It's like working a puzzle or solving a mystery.
    I like that aspect too.  Small adjustments, tweaks.  Very enjoyable.
  • @karynr   I hope you keep working on it.  Just put it aside for a while?  The woman's elbow is really drawing my attention - I think being in the focal point area could be why that sticks out to me.  Can you check her arm against that window?  Something is off - would an arm bow like that?  I like the subject matter.  I love your style.  Churchill had many paintings he was not pleased with in the end but there were some excellent pieces in the mix.  Keep painting!  xoxo
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