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My very first oil painting. 12/2017


  • For a first painting you did well. Better than my first. Look at Mark's videos if you haven't already. They will really help with drawing,  values, and colour matching. :)
  • For a first painting this is very good. One thing that jumps out is the way oversized eyes though. Getting everything drawn perfectly in proportion is very important for realism
  • This is really good! :you reminded me of Sargent and Zorn ;)  Focus on the edges too in the next, they are also part of the value system.
  • Thank you friends for your comments. Yes, I used Mark’s entire catalog of videos as a kind of educational course, over 3 months, before I ever put a brush to canvas. But nothing helps you put that information to good use like execution... I need to do a lot of paintings. Again, thank you for taking the time to comment.
  • Better than good, for a first painting it's excellent! I like the way you've done her face :)
  • great attempt for a first painting
  • edited January 12
    I also think you did great for a 1st painting! Keep on painting!
  • This is so good you should do another. letting canvas show through usually is not a good thing. Also if you are going to have the suggestion of detail in the background, you should do the same for the foreground (blouse/dress) staining the canvas will make it easieer to match colors and get the values right.
  • I'm surprised that you'd attempt a portrait for your very first oil painting. I'd suggest something similar until you've got familiar with the materials. Like a still life.
  • That would probably be the wisest thing to do. But my interest for now is people. I figured, if that’s what I’m most interested in, I might as well dig in. I’m hoping I can learn as much about value and technique doing a face, as I could from doing an apple or a tea pot. Ha ha ha. Of course, I could be wrong about that... we’ll see.
  • I want to say your very wise to paint what you love. Painting simple objects can help learn...but I've found that trying to paint subjects you don't really care for can kill your joy in painting. If you love to paint portraits then keep painting may be a steeper learning curve but it's worth it for the joy you'll get out of it as well as the momentum you'll gain as you complete one painting after another. :) 
  • Great for a first painting! Congratulations!
  • There's plenty of good advice here in the forum but following your own instincts is always an option and sometimes the best option. Mark has an excellent Portrait video course for sale on the site in addition to the many fine free videos on the subject.
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