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study of a shell

oil on canvas
25 x 20 cm
My oils are very thick and I didn't use any medium, so i had many problems with painting this simple still life. 

I would be very pleased to hear your opinions and crituque. 


  • Wow! that's really nice!
  • @Kaustav, thank you very much! I haven't painted for over a year, so I don't feel very confident, I hope to change my attitude, maybe I worry too much about my mistakes. I love your style, very loose and painterly:) Sorry for my mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.
  • @Datura English is not my mother tongue as well. We just speak the language everyday!  ;) 

    Let me tell you the secret to produce a great painting ... look more intensely and try to figure out how are you going to replicate that on the canvas. If you can't find out how, then it will produce mistakes otherwise it will be a grand success! =)
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    I really like the texture of this shell! Well done:)

  • @michalis, thank you very much, is there something you would improve? I am not fully satisfied with my colours
  • The colour of the shell work's fine for me, I am not sure about the backround colour....I am never sure even for my backrounds..... Leave it as it is and go to the next one, no need for worries!
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    I also like your color palette for this. Very nice study! The only things that I would tempted to change are;  darken in the shadow areas a little more both inside and outside of the shell, and I would add highlights reflected light in the shell, being careful not to exaggerate both shadows and highlights. Your composition is very good. Very well! I hope this helps?
  • @Forgivness, thanks a lot! I will take your advice for my next painting. Better contrast really can improve a painting. My reference photo was a little bit pale and lacked contrast, that might be a problem.
  • @Forgiveness, of course, you helped me a lot!
  • Datura said:
    My reference photo was a little bit pale and lacked contrast, that might be a problem.
    In addition to all your painting skills, you will also develop a sense of whether a photograph is good enough.  Sometimes we have no choice and must work with what we have, but soon you'll be seeing whether a photo is ideal or not.

    It's just something to think about as you select a photograph: Is is light enough, dark enough?  Is there contrast?  Are there shadows and lighting that make it interesting?  Does it show the right amount of detail?

    If you're the one taking the photograph then you can play with exposure, or sometimes you can effectively do this in software.
  • @PaulB, thank you! I will work on my contrast and lightning effects. This forum is full of wonderful and helpful people! As a graphic designer I use photoshop, so I now how to manipulate photos. 
    PaulBKaustav[Deleted User]
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