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Brush size equates to ?

What does a #2 & #5 winsor & Newton equate to in imperial???


  • Rosemary & Co has size charts and measurements.  Winsor & Newton appear not to.
  • Mikep said:

    What does a #2 & #5 winsor & Newton equate to in imperial???

    Not my experience W&N aren’t very good brushes.

    There is no consistency across brands with sizing. A #5 W&N could be smaller or larger than another #5 brush made by a different company.
    Rosemary&Co brushes are excellent quality at a reasonable price. You can order a catalogue from their website and the pictures of all their brushes are at actual size.
  • The smaller the number the smaller the brush but as already said, different brands have different sizing and some brands go from arbitrary numbers to inches (by fractions) or millimeters past a certain size like 1/2" or 10mm. Rosemary must make really nice brushes because those who use them say W&N brushes aren't any good. I used a lot of different brushes (except Rosemary) and the W&N "Artists" brushes are my favorites. I hope those who don't care for W&N are using school house grade brushes.
  • Here are Windsor & Newton #2 and #5 side by side with the Rosemary & Co equivalents.  They are consistent, so the size means something.

  • SummerSummer -
    edited January 2018
    Noticed inconsistencies across brands as well.  It's only made a real difference to me when it comes to the small sizes.  The manufacturers have probably figured out that we will buy two brushes instead of one if the sizes are not the same.  Even slightly different in size will cause me to purchase both brushes at times.   :o   Just organized over 250 this past weekend.  I found some Bob Ross and even one that could serve as a broom.  Hmm.   
  • Thank you all for your replies, but the simple question was, What do they equate to " in imperial"....How wide are they in inches? How many 1/16 or 1/8 etc wide is a #2 and #5 brush and nobody has answered it, you know - " Imperial" as in "Imperial system" for measurement, it's what is American standard. Miles, feet etc.

  • @MikeP, I answered that - the Windsor & Newton brushes #2 and #5 are the same size as the Rosemary & Co brushes #2 and #5, as shown in the photo, and I mentioned that Rosemary & Co have a size chart with measurements.
  • Yea' I just went to the rosemary site, but couldn't see a link to the chart. Do you know if the chart lists imperial measurement as well as metric? By the way, from what I have heard Rosemary & Co brushes are total luxury, thanks.
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    edited January 2018
    @MikeP go to the website, click on "oil painting brushes", click on "Ivory", then "filbert", and there is a link in the center of the screen for a size chart.  It's metric, you'll have to divide by 25.4 to get inches.

    Rosemary and Co are some of the cheapest brushes available, and simultaneously the best.  Opinion.
  • I can see nuances of differences between the two brands.  The size difference in their handles may make a difference to some.  The double crimping in both brands is the same.  The shaving of the hairs in the toes are different in each brand.  More taper and shaving in the W & N.  The number, amount, and fullness of the hairs are different.  The sizing used in the toes to shape the final product are different so you won't know what you really have until you prepare them for use.  You may have to buy both types just to see.  It looks like there is less sizing used in the W & N.
  • another good source for reasonably priced brushes in very good quality is the house brand of jackson's art supplies in the uk. their "black hog" have been in constant use here for almost a year and still running. (but i do take good care of them :-)
  • @PaulB ; that photo is really insightful!  what a difference!
  • That reminds me, those two W & N hog bristle #2 and #5 long handle filberts - if anyone here wants them, message me with an address and I'll send them to you.  I prefer the R & Co ivories, so these are almost new and not getting used.
  • PaulB said:
    Here are Windsor & Newton #2 and #5 side by side with the Rosemary & Co equivalents.  They are consistent, so the size means something.

  • Folks

    Here is the chart PaulB referred to:


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