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Laura in White, 20 x 20 inches, Geneva oils on canvas


  • This is very pretty, love the hair, and the background,
    the colors are soft and lovely together.
  • Really nice! I like the intensity of her gaze and how you've painted her face and hair.

    I think the background is a little distracting though.
  • Very nice. She has real presence. Maybe grey off the background just a little - it might be a bit too green.
  • Ah! I love this. Love the expression. Love the depth under the hair on sides of face. 
  • edited January 2018
    Beautiful portrait! great to hear from you again! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Interesting background I like it, you have choices of course, this is a good one, but somehow experimenting with background in simple sketch form on the side may have revealed other options as well. I like what this color of background adds to the figure, to her skin tones, including her hair. I would have like to see more muted color green with touches of violet?, just guessing/inquiring and I like how you handled your edges as well.
  • This is a gorgeous portrait! Gotta love a cute little redhead  ;) =)

    This whole painting amazing, but there's a couple things I really liked in particular. First her hair, you captured her hairstyle perfectly while keeping it loose. Also, I really really admire your boldness in choosing this composition! Having the subject staring right at the viewer face on from the center of the canvas with her arms at the sides is probably something most portrait artists would say never to do! But it works perfectly for this painting. The focus seems to be the intensity of her green gaze, and we feel someone's gaze most intensely when they are simply staring right at us. Excellent decision. 

    There's only two things I might have done differently. As has been mentioned...the green backround could be a little bit more muted. I'm guessing you chose a vivid green to bring out her eyes? It certainly worked, but it would also have worked with a grayer green. 

    The second thing is there seems to be a little patch of blue paint next to the right side of her head...what was the thinking behind that? It took me a while to notice it past the intense stare =)  Usually when people put a random bit of color in a spot it's too look spontaneous, unfortunately because there's only one blue spot of paint in the backround and no other blue elsewhere it comes across looking too planned to me. If you want to put some other colors in the backround to make it look more spontaneous you might be better off with some of the reds from her hair sprinkled throughout...or something like that. 
  • Striking portrait.  I would not change anything.  I love the background and the hair.  She is a lovely person and comes across as fully engaged with the viewer.  You simply cannot ask for more from a portrait.  I noticed three picky little things on the face that I might fiddle with but then I said no, its character, leave it be.  But I am seriously going to steal your background.  Congratulations, on my personal top ten list for the year.
  • I really like what you did with the background (and of course the sitter looks wonderful!)
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