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Tēnā koutou

Hello from Wellington, NZ.

I'm a total amateur, and have been painting on and off for about a year. I'm interested in art in many forms, but it's portraiture that I particularly enjoy. I have no more ambition than to be able to paint people to my own satisfaction. I am trying (see below).

My favourite artists tend to be quite "painterly". This is making my own attempts at painting increasingly depressing, because I'm poor at colour mixing and relentlessly blend on the canvas. So, I have bad habits; on the positive side, at least I know that I have them.

So far, I've been quite aimless in my approach to improvement. I get on well with "systems", and like many (I suspect), I came across Mark's videos on Youtube and they resonated with me.

To date, I've been following a traditional, "Flemish" approach. I did say that I liked systems! Family and friends like what I'm doing, but it's not where I want to be. It's frustrating. If I just zone out, then I can lose hours in a painting and I end up taking the same approach as previously. It's honestly like I'm not actually in control, which is a very weird feeling.

Here's a half finished example of the way I usually paint. Not sure why this grisaille photographed as blue; it's grey:

...and here's a very quick acrylic experiment with DMP and a more painterly approach. No blending!



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