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Study with smoke

This is my second study with the DMP method. I only had a black canvas and I decided to try. I somehow liked it but it was not easy to get a good coverage. I like to keep my paintings a little more abstract. I am not sure about the table...Please give some advice or critique!



  • Nice composition and the colors are wonderful the table and reflections work well. The smoke ribbon is amazing... I can smell the menthol in the tobacco. This has enough abstraction for realism. 
  • Nice still life, many good qualities. The ellipses in the rounded objects need revision, I like the composition, however I sense that maybe some show of some support holding the table up from underneath (in shadow) may improve the situation. Also if the white & green boxes in the background were toned down, as if in more shadow but not too much, this would create better illusion of objects being independent of each other and making little more space. I hope this helps.
  • There is only one thing I would suggest when posting a picture if you can take one with less glare and perhaps in raw format... it’s harder for me to give critiques or suggestions when I feel I am not seeing it in the right lighting (there seems to glare on this one) and what I might critique might be wrong due to that.
  • @jswartzart , yes I´m sorry I will pay more attention to it!
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