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Alla Prima Studies

I thought I'd share a few of my studies,which at the moment are the only paintings or drawings I am making.
My primary focus now and for the near future is going to be these kinds of studies,experimenting with new techniques,palettes texture etc.The goal is not necessarily  to make a finished painting that I can sell,but to learn specific lessons.(such as values edges etc.)

The first two are cast studies done from high-res photos.Both of them were timed efforts and done in less than 2.5 hours each in Oils(each painting is less than 10 inches high).Both are monochromes,the female bust is in Burnt umber and white,The male Laocoon is done in Pthalo Blue,Black and White.Very little blending,unless needed(the timer constantly reminds me of working the entire painting,instead of focusing all my energy on tine beautiful brushstrokes)
I consider these very important indication exercises.Decisions need to be made quickly,while still painting.Very taxing on the eyes,mind and hands..but I thoroughly enjoyed making them.
Unlike the cast studies done at schools like the Angel academy or Florence Academy,these paintings are not meant to be perfect(although that would be an added benefit)

Working method is almost exactly the same as Mark's method.Working from dark to light,except mixing up the value steps as and when one is painting.

EDIT:Photos seem to be a bit blurry.Might need to reshoot. 
Second portrait is done in Poster/Gouache.I have left most of the tiles clearly visible.An option is to blend the edges of these individual tiles to give the appearance of a very tight painting.

I have another poster/gouache black and white portrait in the pipeline,along with two more in the Zorn palette.Then 6 more in a open palette.
Around 25 more figure paintings ranging from Monochromes,Burnt umber pick outs,Zorn Palette and  open palette.Not to mention around 15 Oil portraits following the same layout.
Of course this is just to do with painting and human studies.

I can see half my life flowing away in these studies.
Warm regards


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