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Wildflowers || (oil on board, 20x20 cm)

Hey :)

here is the second painting. I tried better blending. I noticed that my printer always makes the pictures more blue and darker, so I tried to paint with a tablet pc next to the painting. It turned out to be a bad idea. Color checking against a light emitting display was very difficult.

I painted with Cobalt Blue here. I am not satisfied with the result. It looks a little bit dull. What do you think. What kind of pigment would you use for the blue flowers?

kind regards,
- rio


reference photo:



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    I see a lot of purple in the flowers. I think your leaves and background is great. I would let it dry then oil it out, come back and tighten up the middle and right flowers to make them pop and bring them forward. especially the middle one... this will give the painting depth. The other flowers can remain as they are. Just those two to me need a little extra work.
  • I think you have done so well for your second try that you have nothing to complain about.  I think the colors of the flowers are very close.  The greens are splendid.  You do need to practice your lines and edges (me too!). You are allowed some artistic license and this time it worked for you.  Congratulations.

  • I put that reference in the color snap app by sherwin Williams and here are some of the colors in those two flowers... hope it helps
  • Nice work.  Completely agree with @jswartzart.

    The center flower in the painting has a lighter green halo around the petals.  In the photo there is a slightly dark halo instead.  Changing this will make a big difference in how that center flower stands out.

    The center and right flowers both have dark green areas adjacent that could be a little darker, having the same effect as above.
  • NOT critique but I was wondering if anyone thought the flowers might stand out better if the whole background was lightened a few values. I'm wondering if my own perception is off because the colors all seem so close.
  • riorio -
    edited January 2018
    Dear Friends,

    thank you very much for the hints. I will let it dry a bit. Some parts of the flowers are indeed more violet. I will look into this. I guess putting a litte violett in will enhance the color contrast compared to the green in the back. 
    The dark halo around the center flower was photoshopped I guess. So I took it off. Maybe I put it back in again. 
    Anyways. I am glad that I found this community. Twenty eyes see more than two.
  • I do also see a bit more purple (especially in the far right flower), but for the most part, it's really damn close, and I think the painting looks great! If you want to tweak it, go for it, but you could just as well leave it as-is. :)
  • Hey :) 
    I oiled out the painting and added some dark halo around the middle and right flower. I also made a violett glaze for the flowers and put it in where I saw it. 

  • Subtle.  Very nice.
  • The first and the last are both very well done.
  • I think this is wonderful; your greenery is rich and well-presented. The violet wash makes a difference. If you really wanted to make it pop, I would use a mere hint of rose madder on the tips of the top right flower, kind of a la Sargent, color next to each other rather than mixed.
    But do not take this as a criticism at all. This is an awesome painting!

  • Thank you :) 
    I am really surprised that a small correction can make a difference. Learned someting today.
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