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So I was always taught & Mark even mentions never to use black straight out of the tube... to mix a chromatic black. The first painting I will be doing using Mark's method is a horses head in the shadows of his stable. Most of it (the stable background) is straight up black. Can I/ should I use the Geneva black? I believe it is a chromatic black mix, thus not needing to mix a chromatic black correct?


  • That's right. Geneva black is a chromatic black mixed with Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue.
  • I presume you are using a photo of the horse.  The black background will be very striking.  Try to remember the photos will lie to you and there is reflected light back in there that the camera didn't pick up.  You might vary the dark with color that would be found in a barn and would be dancing around in the background.  Just a thought.
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