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Hi from WV

Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum and wanted to say I’ve enjoyed viewing and reading all the post here and decided to finally join.

I’ve been oil painting for about a year now and it started as a date night thing to do with my girlfiriend painting along with Bob Ross episodes and using his methods.  I soon grew bored of doing fantasy landscapes and wanted to develop my own style. I find Marks teachings and approach to be very helpful in learning the secrets to better paintings. (And its free!)

That being said, I’ve yet to find the courage to attempt a portrait or still life, and mainly work from photographs I find appealing off free license websites. I’ve done 3 paintings since moving away from Bob Ross and will hopefully be posting them in the forums for everyones enjoyment/support/critiques. In the year ive been oil painting ive completed approximately 30-40 paintings. (A lot of Ross landscapes) Anyways, cheers!


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