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Red Teapot

here is my painting which I just finished. The background on the photo was very abstract and  that is why I iked the subject, as I had both, ralism and abstract to manage. I was using the DMP method until it came to the flowers, which I painted 3 times without getting a pleasing result. I finally gave up and added some cadmium orange and red, because I could not get enough brightness into the flowers. Still I am not happy with them, but I don´t really like to paint flowers ... It was really hard to paint the red pot, as the colors turned to pink or to orange. For now, I can say I learned a lot with my first DMP Above all to avoid painting red things and flowers ;-) Feel free to criticize my painting. Regards to all of you!



  • @Ancolie Except for between the spout and the pot, the lines of the pot are a little too defined and the flower petals need more definition. the highlight on the spout is a little too white and could be softened. The dark areas in the flowers can be darker too and that will bring out the orange. Binging the cooler blues violets further down behind the flowers will make the orange stand out too. This is a very nice painting you've done well so take my suggestions with a grain of salt because I'm far from expert.
  • Thanks a lot @BOB73. Very good suggestions and I will do so!!! 
  • I like the background and the bokeh effects.  Teapot looks good to me, although I expect a hard edge between the orange petals and the red teapot, and the same level of definition as the teapot.  I think the teapot reflections and texture are good.  I like the chipped enamel look.  I don't know what the green thing is, but the left and right sides are slightly different heights, I assume it's a table.
  • Table may be off because of lens 
  • Indeed @PaulB the table looks strange
  • Indeed @PaulB the table looks strange
  • I don't believe the dark green part is the edge of the table because you can see a reflection of the pot in it.  Looks like a shadow but easy for eye to interpret as an edge and then its uneven.  I had difficulty with some yellow flowers maybe similar to your experience.  I couldn't get them lighter than cadmium yellow.  anything to make the the yellow lighter for section where they were in direct light resulted in making the yellow have to much bluish, then I'd add some orange to bring it down and it would get too dark, this went on for perhaps hours (felt like it).  finally gave up and never really got the highlights on the yellow flowers.
  • edited January 2018
    This subject is backlit and so I would expect to see darker flowers with just the translcent fringes  higher in value and chroma. Also, the light area behind the flowers and teapot doesn't read right to me. I'd like to know what that area represents. Personally,  I would have left it out. The rest of the background is fine. I'd also look at the values in the table beneath the lower left of the teapot.
    But there's also a lot to like about this picture. It's an appealing subject. The realy good thing about it is the way you've painted the teapot. That works well because the volours/values are pretty good.  The lights in the upper backgound also read true.

    Keep at it. You're on the right track. Have you watched Mark's free videos? If you're into realism they are worth looking at.  :)
  •     :@tassieguy and  @uh_clem, thanks a lot for your helpful comments. I am not sure I I will ever finsh this painting. I think about changing the background to one colour and I already swiped off the flowers..,,. I watched most of Mark´s videos and really learned a lot. This was a first try, the second painting worked better. :-)

  • That's good to hear, @Ancolie. I look forward to seeing your second.  :)
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