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DMP 7 - Wine & cheese (once again!)

So I am about to get prepared for my next DMP - and its back to the wine & cheese.
I am playing around with the color wheel in Affinity photo, so I can at least get a start to help with my color mixing, inspired by @Richard_P ; I am using the posterize image for value gauge.
I have not yet decided to draw this by hand ( pencil / dividers) or to trace the image and I seek input from the above and below choices please:
I had a great learning process for my wife's cup painting, again thanks to @Richard_P and I want to stay on that sort of trajectory for now:
So I feel the best path is below:
1 - Trace the posterize image (below) to my canvas board ( 14 x 18 )
2 - Mix the darkest values & steps first - assisted with the color wheel and I will color check with my laminated photo (as before) for a happy medium.
3 - Continue mixing as above - nice and easy it goes

I wish I  could isolated each color step in affinity photo, but I am just not that good with the software as yet,....
Any and all input is very welcomed,....



  • Update - I decided to go with the trace option, and although it looks like a jumbled mess, I can clearly see where my values need to go.
    I know the wine glass looks like it is listing / tilting but that is a per photo, and running some lines on the wine glass angle and the cheese edges in one to the conclusion that The Who,e chess board and glass is tilted slightly towards the photographer in the set up.
    i need to tweak some missed lines by hand but I am comfortable to start with the first step, dark black.
    any thoughts on this thus far are welcomed ?
    oh I placed a border as my canvas was larger than my printed and laminated photo - might save some time and paint too, I also dropped of the fork, but kept the green grape in this time for contrast.

  • Good idea to drop the fork again.  Good idea to keep the green grape, it adds visual interest and a unique color.

    I think you're missing some steps in the wooden base where the three cheeses meet, but that is certainly less important than getting the rest of it right.

    Keep it slow.
  • Apologize for the above bad narrative, and spelling - I will keep it slow thanks guys.

  • Ok - some lines added that I had missed and just given it the hairspray treatment - mixing black or may use Geneva black from the tube and apply with a 5/0 Princeton spotter brush and see how this starts 
  • Well I tried to get all the black painted in today, but it was too much for one sitting
    also the right hand side of the wine glass is troubling me, it checks out fine with dividers and was a direct trace - hmm
    comments welcome good or bad,...

  • edited December 2017
    That is a lot of dark area for a single sitting but good to go slow. The glass right side, just a little lob sided where it curves below, or round off better from that point leading to the stem. You can push that back with what color will be going on the glass in that area to make it better rounded, as you already have black painted in there. Thanks for the tip about transfer paper, good demo on how to use it here, not over done, real simple. This method will work best for my next painting now in progress. The ellipse that makes up the rim at the top of the glass appears off balance?, it appears to slope lower on the right. You're doing great!
  • Yeah your right @Forgiveness worry about that later - the angels check out though, much as a lump of cheese can be a level p
  • If you can some how superimpose this grid over your art work on the canvas, this will give a better assessment. Then again, maybe it could be illusions that we are seeing, to be aware of.
  • Question - when using a digital color (affinity photo) would you set it to RGB or HSL ?
    red, green, blue, or hue, sat, light,....

  • I don't know affinity photo, just new at this.
  • alsart said:
    Question - when using a digital color (affinity photo) would you set it to RGB or HSL ?
    red, green, blue, or hue, sat, light,....
    Those are just color coordinate systems, and purely representational.  It changes nothing about the data.  Do you ever look at those values, or enter those values?  If not, it just doesn't matter.

    The one thing that may be of interest is in the HSL model, L is related to value.
  • Got it - I will look into that thanks @PaulB
    i got the color match and with the photo ref should be fine .
  • So the grapes are the next value down from the black, after i finish laying that in,..I can see at least 8 or 9 steps not including the highlights - see below it amazed me that they are not the black / red grapes I thought they was;
    question - am I over thinking this ? 
    Am I on the right tracks?
    i will start with a purple mix and step down from that ?

  • That is right. They are being illuminated by reflected light and so being tinted different colours.:-)
  • I am really enjoying following this, @alsart. I'm learning a lot. I admire your dedication and systematic approach. I don't think you are over-thinking things - you are attempting to see clearly what is there and that is often not a straight forward process.

    BTW, I agree about including the green grapes they add interest and give a little  relief in what is a predominately warm coloured image.
  • I am up middle of the night and not sleepy, got to thinking about what @kingston had said - "draw some little sketches" so I am concerned about the next color step, so before I mix these I did another little sketch of an area of the grapes , including the green grape, I can practice my next steps on this little sketch and hopefully catch any issues before hitting the main canvas - the below is a copy sketch of a portion of the main drawing for this purpose at the same stage as the main painting with the black step blocked in
    does anyone else do this approach, first time for me, apart from maybe a pre- pencil sketch in the past for my acrylic work,...?
    top photo is the current status of the main painting (blurry I know sorry)
    bottom is the sketch ( differs by canvas paper, not board) 

  • edited December 2017
    That's the idea! Glad you remembered, this is available anytime throughout any painting. The best way to remember is practice, just like that. You will also further develop a feel for your brushes/brush strokes as you go.
  • A journey of mixing paint - nearly three hours, you might enjoy this,....
    so I laid out my pallet with maskin tape as I like to label each step, so I know what value goes where, and I leave a couple of spaces for on the spot mixing - first photo 
    second photo - I got annoyed by how large my mixing puddles where growing and the amount of paint I was using.
    third photo - I thought I would improvise a ring that would not only contain the pool of paint but also train my hand to be more concentric on my mixing - this failed as the coffee cup ring soaked up more paint than before,..
    fourth photo - a small desert jar, nope still used more paint
    last photo - full circle back to old tried and tested, and all six steps are done, and look good, but don't look like grapes - I will try these out on my sketch later tonight 

  • Asking for feed back on my ptactice grape - this one grape has the 6 steps laid in and slightly blended
    i think that step 2/1 needs to be darker (more blue) 
    thoghts ? 

  • It's hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like the middle should be darker. It's difficult as the posterised image seems to have different outlines than the tracing?
  • Yeah I agree.  I have learnt a lot by just doing the sketch first, my mixing was off and I am working to correct this I will post an update 
  • You’re really putting your back into this @alsart
    You deserve to have a terrific painting by the end of it. And I’m sure you will. 
  • Thanks @Hilary I have been through an amazing learning process over the past few months and I don't want to disrespect that, this one is going to be one grape at a time,...
  • This is still my practice sketch, I was off on my dark values and remixed ( added to the mix) and got a better result the first few grapes are over textured ( I like) but actually the closest to the correct placement of value is the blue arrow grape, I took more time and just let the paint run into each step on it own, and it works, so this will be my direction as I move to the canvas proper,..
    i re-watched marks video on texture, and that basically sums up my learning curve on this little sketch, this photo is blown up but in real life and even at a short distance away the arrow marked grape has a black/grey frosted look that I want to achieve 
    onwards, one grape at a time 
    comments are welcome 

  • edited December 2017
    Looking better. Have you left out the highlight steps deliberately on the practise piece?
  • Yes correct no highlights, I don't even want to think about that until the end to be honest @Richard_P
    I will keep the practice sketch to work the final touches when the time comes 
  • I like this idea of practice it first get it right then paint.... I just got my drawing on my panel and thinking I will do something similar before painting.... my biggest problem is identifying colors .... I literally have no program or computer just my iPhone.... anyone know a good app similar to what your using for iPhone?

    alsart I think your painting is going to be amazing!
  • I too am new to photo editing, and have just started using affinity photo, I use it on my laptop with a large monitor, but I am sure they have an app for I pads and phones @jswartzart
  • This is a mornings work, it's ugly, but values are in the right location - only the grape on the far upper left are blended, the others are not.
    as I have gone through stage I just realized that the "mud yellow" in the center of the grapes is the reflected light from the cheese, seeing this and looking at the cheese positions should help when I come to blend all in that direction, I am thinking.
    feedback welcome 

  • Looking ugly is only a stage and an illusion, this will change as you continue to fill in surrounding areas, great work!
  • Happy new year and thanks @Richard_P
    i have been laid up with gout so this has kept me going as in 35 years this is the first New Year's Eve I have  not ventured out to party,...
  • Ouch! Get well soon!!
  • A very happy new year too all forum members, I wish all good things for everyone in 2018.

    update below - I want to complete all grapes ( bar the green grape) with the color placement, and then place the table values in ( yellow marked areas are table / cheese board) - and yes I believe I will need to blend the grapes, why ? Well due to the drying times of the Geneva paint here in Hawaii and from what I have experienced so far if I blend as I go, I can save many mistakes and the endless recovery that I had to do on "my wife's cup" - I don't want to blend, but conditions, environment, experiences tells me this is the next logical step.

    i also have a puzzle, I have removed the fork, but the fork has light captured on the tangs, and I want to transfer that light to the table, yes I could just paint a lighter area on the table and no one would be none the wiser, but I think I (we) can do better, now I now the photo editing wizards out there would like that challenge yeah ? 

  • Update for today, after almost a full day sat at the easel on and off - first stage of the grapes blended or rather paint pushed around
    any comments, or do I just plod on?

  • Keep going @alsart.  I hope you're seeing what we're seeing, which is grapes with good realism.
  • All I see is a huge mass of psychedelic shapes and colors after today's 11 hours  - but this is a great compliment from you @PaulB thank you
  • alsart said:
    All I see is a huge mass of psychedelic shapes and colors ...
    That's exactly what you're supposed to see until you step back.
  • The grapes are looking fabulous, @alsart. Just keep going slowly and carefully. :)
  • Thanks everyone - just for info, the grapes,  it was 8 values ( not really steps)  well 9 if you include black and will be ten with highlights,..

  • Wow @alsart, you’re going great guns. 
  • Looking really good! 
  • Update - another few hours blending, I feel the grapes may need to be darkened in a few places but it's hard to tell until all other aspects are in place, I will move to the next stage,
    the dreaded cheese, nervous as this is what killed me last time,......

  • If you compare these grapes now with the original you will see how much more accurate these are.

    The cheese shouldn't be that hard, just stick to the steps..
  • Oh yes for sure, I also like the dusty vintage look that seems to be developing - happenstance I guess - 
    thanks @Richard_P
  • Note to my financial advisor - buy stock in Geneva paint, @alsart use more paint on one painting than the Hudson bridge painting crew do in a year!....
     joke aside, ORANGE why is it so hard!!! - I basically had to start with yellow and then add a red with loads of white as the red is so powerful it just flips it way passed my value I needed,...argh..
    but I got two steps done tonight, phew enough, I am off island for a day or so,...see you all when I am back 

  • Good choice @alsart to face your demons and revisit the wine & cheese :) It is already so much better than your first go. Keep going.
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