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Definition of a "Reproduction"

I was planning to submit some example paintings for submission to Art in the Park for this June.  The paintings are judged and if accepted you are allowed to set up a booth and sell your paintings. There is a limit to the number of booths allowed because of space.
However, I like to copy paintings/photos that I see on the internet, usually from Pinterest, Flickr or Creative Commons.  Because I like the paintings/photos or because I see it as a challenge to see if I can paint it. 

I use to still up still life objects, use people as models or work from my own photos. But, the internet has such an abundance and wide range of subject matter, it is very difficult not to use the internet as a source. 

So, as part of the rules of Art in the Park, one can only sell your "own work" and not "reproductions", so I asked the question; What is a reproduction?

Their response; 
1- You cannot sell manufactured art work. This is work that is mass produced...... I agree. 

2- In terms of painting from a photograph off the internet-  If you have received the image from a website where the photo is free to use (such as Flickr Creative Commons, Pinterest or royalty- free websites), you may work from it..... This seems to be in conflict w/ #5 below.

3- If you have taken the photo, you may work from it...... I agree. 

4- If you use a photo that is another artist's and receive clear permission, you may work from it.... Agreed 

5- Copying masterpieces from a museum would be considered a reproduction, unless, again, significant changes have been made to your artwork to make it original.....
I thought this was rather a strange response as I have copied the masters, but I could never hope to capture the quality or technique of the master.

6- Painting an American flag is OK because it is a national symbol and not owned by any single person. 

So, my question to you all is;  If I/you copy/reproduce a painting/photo and paint that image by your own hand is that work a reproduction OR is that work an original piece of art??


  • Looks like you are allowed pretty much all you said EXCEPT an exact (visual) COPY of a classic/Master work even if you are not copying the size or technique. Good Luck.
  • In Ireland /Uk  a copy of your own painting would be referred to as a Print, and re production would be copying the painting. There is a great on line source of royalty free photos you can use, it’s called “ photos for artists” it is on Facebook , but sometimes it is easier to access the photo folders ( depending on whether you are using apple r android etc) by looking for it using a search engine. 
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