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Brothers (finished)


  • That's really well done.  Nice work.

    They are both monochrome paintings.  My choice would be a thin, wooden, naturally dark brown frame.
  • For monochrome paintings or b/w pics I like chrome or black frames 
  • Thanks for the recommendations. I agree black would be nice. I really wish I had the space and tools to make my own frames... That would be really cool. My parents have some pieces by a local artist whose husband makes frames for her and some of them are very nice on really nice wood. Makes me jealous.
  • Looking very good. :)

    Why are you doing the painting area by area rather than value by value? Do you find it easier to work that way?
  • @Richard_P

    Yeah this way just makes more sense to me. I'm not sure how you do it your way actually, as my paint dries on the canvas in about 3 days. Does your paint dry that fast too? 

    One benefit of doing it this way is you complete each part one at a time... so first the hair, then forehead, then one eye, then the other, and so on... so you can constantly check to make sure each part looks good and make any fixes before moving on. Doing it this way also leaves room for me to rest my hand on the canvas for the spots that need more care and precision.

    I also pre-mix all the values (for this one I pre-mixed 20 values) and those stay wet in their piles for well over a week so I can just use whatever ones I need at any time. This is very nice and makes painting easy and fun. My piles are starting to dry out now so I combined the 20 piles into 4 so they won't totally dry on me and now I'm doing a small amount of mixing as I go... just pulling and mixing from those 4 piles.

    Much of the painting for this one was done with a size 1 sable rigger in my right hand and a piece of paper towel in the other. Paint one value in one area, wipe off with one pull through the paper towel, and directly use the same brush to pick up another value. Super easy!

    Good times painting this one. I took your advice and used transfer paper and I love it! Same results as drawing it on my own just way faster and easier. I was really getting sick of having to draw everything. The combo of transfer paper and pre-mixed value strings is really great. Love the convenience.
  • Thanks for the explanation. :)

    I store the paintings in a box between sessions so it takes quite a while to dry on the canvas. I tend to mix only for each step, but do pre-mix if I'm only doing a few values. 20 steps sounds a lot!

    Glad the transfer paper is working out for you. :)
  • edited December 2017
    haha I had the same thought - after mixing the first 5 or 6 I was like man... I'm going to end up with a lot of steps at this rate. I did use each of them at least a few times! Mixing the steps took 1-2 hours.
  • Much of the painting for this one was done with a size 1 sable rigger in my right hand and a piece of paper towel in the other. Paint one value in one area, wipe off with one pull through the paper towel, and directly use the same brush to pick up another value. Super easy!
    This is exactly what I do, except my rigger has 10 months of hair loss, so I don't know what size it is now.  I did make a smaller brush from an old rigger by cutting off bristles, for when a rigger is too big.

    Moving from black to white (or the reverse) takes two steps for me, the first being that I put some white on my black brush, and work it on the palette creating a grey that I tend to later use to desaturate.
  • edited December 2017
    Excellent work! I like your approach and how to maneuver as the rendering unfolds, as I learned much same in my last portrait. Also about mixing so many values, I came to understand that I could have just simply mixed 6/7 values rather than the full 9 steps, this would have saved me so much time and effort (and less paint used) and arrive at similar results, amazing what the eye automatically fills in for you and just how well it does that too. For framing I would recommend black or dark brown, enamel coated wood for the warmer feeling in it as compared to metal frame, I feel is cold, either one make great frames for these. For the element of glare you will have to choose gloss or matte finish. Thanks also about the transfer paper, just trying it out for my next.
  • Great @movealonghome . I love monochrome. You've done a good job with this. I like that I can see a bit of brushwork.  I'm doing a small, almost monochrome landscape right now with just those sort greys you have in this portrait. Hope it works as well as yours. :)
  • Thanks @tassieguy - i also like these monochromes. My secret for mixing the greys was to add some yellow. It's still more blue than brown but the yellow seems to offset it a bit so it's not actually blue looking
  • These make such a nice pair together! The framing will be the finishing touch.
  • These are very nice.

    I would really like to see the end result with the framing, and what was involved there.  I think that would be educational, certainly for me.
  • Your mom is going to love them. They are very well done
  • Love them and your brother looks so happy, Great job!
  • Terrific work. Family heirlooms for sure. Adding the yellow was a bit of magic genius. Congratulations.
  • Thanks all glad you like it. I gave my parents a ride home from a New Years Eve party and stopped by my place on the way to show them and they were very surprised. I think they thought their gift would be a flower painting haha.

    People who have seen all my other paintings but not the portraits (was hiding the self portrait until now) are very impressed by portraits and can't believe I painted them. Posted these on Facebook and have gotten lots of flattering comments. It's interesting how portraits are seen as more difficult than flowers or landscapes or whatever but in reality this one of my brother was really easy for me. I like doing portraits now - I'll have to do another one in colour soon and finish up that Sargent copy.

    Motivated to finish that pink rose too. Going to put that on the easel today I think
  • I like how the gifts and a little positive feedback seems to have a motivating effect.  It's nice to hear sometimes.
  • Yeah honestly I think positive feedback overall is way more beneficial than critique, especially already having Marks method and having learned lots of other basics about edges and composition and whatnot. The best learning will come from more painting and that is less likely to happen with people constantly pointing about problems
  • Stunning! What a treasure.
  • Beautiful. I'm sure they capture your personalities well. I love the monochrome.
  • Wonderful! And the frames really set them off. Well done!
  • It’s great work.  I am happy for your mom.   I am also happy for you.  To create something this good is a great feeling.
  • Really great well done 
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