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Reflections 9x12

Hi everybody,

This is my first post in this forum. I just recently started oil painting and came across Mark's amazing methodology. I have primarily sketched on and off in graphite but have always been scared to get involved with color, to many variables I guess.  This was my Christmas eve still life. 



  • edited December 2017
    Wow! That's a great first painting @yogesh812. There are a few minor issues with form in the bottle and with edges (those of the shadows for example could be softened) but that will improve with practice. I look forward to seeing more of your work.  :)
  • Welcome to the forum @yogesh812
    That’s a much better painting than my first one ! 
    It’s quiet here on the forum at the moment because of the holidays but generally speaking it’s a great place for critique and feedback which will really help you to improve. 
    You chose a lovely composition with very complementary colours. The orange works really well with the blue. 
    Just a few suggestions which might help. 
    Try to get the dark blue colour more accurately on the bottle and the bowl. 
    Look at the reflections on the bottle again. Yours are slightly too exaggerated. Also on the bowl. 
    I’d also suggest more shadowing on the oranges themselves , you have painted shadows but I think they should be deeper, as this will give the oranges a more 3 dimensional effect. 
    Also , look at the shadowing under the bowl and compare its shape to the one in the painting. Look at the negative spaces. 
    Just a few suggestions to keep you going. 
    These are not criticisms , just observations which may or may not be helpful to you. 
    Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings. 

  • Thank you for the awesome feedback. :) 
  • good work, you are going to be a fine painter.
  • Great job. I like that you did not mix too much, especially on the oranges. I'm jealous. I'm still working on my first painting and hope it comes out as well!
  • @yogesh812
    I’ve just realised that you didn’t ask for critique when you posted this. 
    I gave it anyway , so I hope I haven’t offended you. 
    With your next painting, or even with this one , if you want critique , you can ask for it and people usually oblige if they feel they can offer constructive criticism. 
    A great way to learn. 

  • I agree totally with what @Hilary said.  I do like what you've done here though.  The blue in that bottle is one of my favorite colors to paint.  Consider repainting the bottle.  You will be shocked at how the painting will pop if you do.
  • Thank you all for the words of wisdom! @Hilary of course, criticism is welcome I just didn't think it was necessary to ask for it. What else would be the point of this forum. 

    Update: I have repainted the bottle and changed the color of the background and boy does it pop out now. I still need to bring some life into the bowl and the deep shadows. 

  • For a first painting you have done well.  However, the bowl needs to be a great deal darker and the base of the bowl is off center.  The edges on the oranges, as they recede, need to be softened.  I always hesitate to critique to much with someone new to painting as you can get informational overload very quickly.  I wish my first paintings had looked this good.
  • You chose a beautiful composition and I’m impressed that you chose to do a still life on your first painting. I think the changes you made really helped this painting come to life. More practice color checking and mixing and you’ll get even better! Great job!
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