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First Oil Painting - Please any critics is accepted

HI everyone, I'm Roberto from Italy, I discovered the YT channel of DMP and i decided to give it a shot. I never really painted in my life, I started two months ago but without any success. this is my very first still life from real and not from photograph. I prepared the wood with chalk and rabbit glue, stained it with acrylic terra di Siena and Painted with oil. I didnt followed the slow dry medium cause i dont have access to those materials. I want to say thank you to Mark cause he opened a new world to me, and last but not least Marry Christmas in advance to everybody :)

P.S: sorry for the glare i couldnt take a better photo with my setting. 


  • Bobitaly

    Wecome to the Forum.

    Nice work.


  • @Bobitaly, that is a very good first painting! The objects are recognizable and have 3 dimensionality because you got most of the drawing and the values pretty much right. Be careful with your elipses - the pestle and mortar, for example,  is not quite right but that will come with practise. 

    But it's a really good first painting and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Well done!  :)
  • Thank you @tassieguy for your feedback and for all your advices! I had a look at your works and they are brilliant! Hope to achieve same skills with time :) You are right, ellipses are hard expecially cause the mortar was really in the dark, and its hard to get it right.. Next time i will be more accurate!
  • Terrific first effort. the painting is just beautiful. I love the lighting affects. It could have been better had you taken more time with the drawing and getting things right before the actual painting.  review the drawing portion of Mark's Course  again and you will see your mistakes. I expect your second painting will be twice as good. slow down and good luck.
  • edited December 2017
    I counted 21 ellipses.  That's pretty advanced for a first painting.  Maybe a nice pear and a full bottle of wine with maybe a letter propped on it.  I should not have said that.  Now everyone will paint it.  :)
    Welcome to the forum and nice work!
  • A great first attempt @Bobitaly
    You’re definitely one to watch ! 

  • Hi @Bobitaly, great painting. Could someone going on holiday out side Italy get you some of the ingredients to make the Slow Dry medium ?  Looking forward to your next painting  :) :)
  • Thanks @MikeDerby @Hilary @marieb for all the kind answers:) I will take all the suggestions in consideration! Next I will like to do a painting inspired from a photo I took in a remote village in Turkey so I will take still life from real for another time. I took the occasion to wish u all an happy Christmas If u believe it otherwise an happy time with your family:) p.s for @marieb I can find stuff in Italy but are for the medium is around 60 euro, for now I'm painting with Liquin gel 3,5 euro and two brushes a 2 zero and a number 4. Wish one day to have a small studio and brushes all around!
  • Merry Christmas, @Bobitaly .  Great first effort!  You have done well.
  • Welcome Bob! I am new as well, and not even done with my first painting. I am learning that careful drawing and drafting make the painting part much easier. I had to go back and change my drawing a lot. I love the light coming through the glass in all of the bottles. With the limited materials you have, it's amazing work! I look forward to seeing more.
  • This is an excellent first (oil) painting! The only "critique" I have is more of a question or comment. What exactly is going on with the shadows? The sort of yellow band (table) is a bit bizarre looking, and the shadows seem to form wide triangles (large fan shaped shadows?) I guess maybe you had a strong spotlight on the immediate right?
  • @JC_Pitre @Freeman thank you for the comments :) for what concern exactly like that..I had a small cardboard dark box and the light source was a small powerful light like 10 cm from the bottle on the right corner..never gonna use again such configuration.. ever!
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