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Hi From Wisconsin

It’s probably premature to introduce myself as I’ve not actually done any oil paintings yet.  Retired 6 years ago, I turned a woodworking hobby into a more serious endeavor and now display at shows and sell my work (  But I could not draw at all. Hoping that the ability to do a decent perspective drawing would help my design process, I enrolled at the local college for what I thought would be a painful but necessary fundamentals of drawing class.  I actually apologized to the professor during the first week for being stuck with me as a student.  I did NOT expect to enjoy it so much.

On the first day of class we were told to draw anything we chose from a pile of objects set in the middle of the room.  Below is a fish drawn during that week in September.  In early December we were assigned to draw that same object again but this time to create a scene in charcoal so I created a fish tank.  A September attempt at a zebra and December charcoal horse are also below.  So you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I am starting an oil painting class in a few weeks and have spent many hours going through Mark’s videos.  I am so grateful to him for posting them.   The clarity of Mark’s teaching is awesome and the process he has developed just makes sense.   I am also grateful to the many members of this friendly forum for their freely and cheerfully given advice. 




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