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Help: Extending Hardening Time for Paints Mixed with Slow Dry Medium

LookeLooke -
edited December 2017 in Studio & Supplies
I realize that Mark's slow dry medium already extends the time it takes for oil paints to harden, and this is one of the reasons I have come to love painting with it. However sometimes I would like for the paints to stay wet even longer, particularly on the canvas. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to extend the drying time even further? Would adding more clove oil (potentially as much as twice the normal amount) extend the drying time without damaging the paint or painting in any way?

As always, thanks for the painting community and for all the help!

p.s. I know I just posted another discussion board early today about wanting to work in a more fat-over-lean impasto technique. This question is separate from that and is intended for use in more alla prima style painting. 


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