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Abstract Realism by David A. Leffel and Sherrie McGraw


an interesting talk on how incorporating the abstract improves the real.

Abstract Realism by David A. Leffel and Sherrie McGraw



  • Thanks Denis, in the beginning David reminded me of myself, when I talk I need someone to remind me what I want to say but it was ok and the info is good.
  • I actually find this very interesting... David's philosophy of sculpting the figure out of the paint somehow has helped me to look at the painting as a whole, rather than a sum of detailed parts. I'm not done with this painting, but I just started it while listening/watching a series of Leffel's videos.

  • My abstract paintings usually came from inspirations I derived from looking closely at other artist's works.  I don't know of any artist who would actually admit this though.  Hmm.
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