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What do think your strengths and challenges as an artist?

I love trying out new methods of art, especially in painting and drawing. I think my strengths are color theory, abstract patterns, blending and multidimension. I think my challenges are proportion (portraits, realism, etc.) and sometimes lack of inspiration (artist's block).

What do you think you strengths and challenges as an artist?


  • Impatience is my greatest challenge.  The most wonderful thing I learned from Mark was that I could go slow.
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    Picking myself up and moving forward after a failure is a challenge. One of my strengths is that I'm usually able to manage it. If a painting fails miserably it's because I didn't think it through before beginning to paint. So, the greatest challenge really is taking it slow as @MikeDerby said above. Especially in the planning stage when working out the composition. I prefer to paint landscapes and I tend to see beauty in everything. But nature is messy so if I just jump in and paint what's in front of me it's rarely a success however well painted it is. It's the same for still life. However meaningful or interesting those still life objects are they  need to be organised into a composition that looks good on canvas. And this, to me, is a great challenge.
  • Drawing and getting old. At least one of these will keep happening no matter what you do.
  • DITTO! Three fantastic "solutions" already for neophytes and professionals alike: slow down (think it out before you paint) slow down as you paint. Draw every day (make notes as you do) part of slowing down and thinking out or planning. I think drawing every day would also help with impatience. Growing Old? Drawing every day will at least help take our minds off it. Growing old is a real bummer
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    Growing old is a challenge, but what gets me is, I don't feel it in my soul, still feel so darn young, but I don't see how old I look as others see me. Slowing down helps a lot, good planning, drawing is great, everyday if possible, making notes for later use. If in the habit of making things, good to keep that up too, good to work 3D with your own hands. I'm just not willing to admit to getting old, still too young for that. LOL! Always wonderful in life to see/witness such beautiful skills at work and unfold before our eyes, always. Such a gift!
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    Weakness: I don't post WIPs as often as I'd like to.  Strength: I work everyday in my studio.  :)
  • I’m impatient by nature. Everything I do , I do quickly, and when it comes to painting this is a really bad thing. 
    I paint as though I’m in a race. I know I shouldn’t but I  just do. 
    One thing I’ve found helpful is to play Emily’s tape of painting two doors as I’m painting helps a lot. She has a calming voice and she makes me realise I shouldn’t rush.  Also Mark’s voice when I’m painting helps to slow me down. 

  • Hilary said:
    I’m impatient by nature. Everything I do , I do quickly, and when it comes to painting this is a really bad thing. 
    I paint as though I’m in a race. I know I shouldn’t but I  just do. 
    One thing I’ve found helpful is to play Emily’s tape of painting two doors as I’m painting helps a lot. She has a calming voice and she makes me realise I shouldn’t rush.  Also Mark’s voice when I’m painting helps to slow me down. 

    Some impressionists (and even some realists) painted quickly though :)
  • Ah , thank you @Richard_P
    You’re very encouraging  :)
    I guess our natures and temperaments have a huge influence on how we paint. 
    It’s just who we are. 
    Have a very happy Christmas with your family and I hope Santa doesn’t call TOO early ! 

  • I know I can't claim to any status as an artist now, but I am passionate about it and want painting to be my vocation for the rest of my life. But I feel, now that I am really learning about art, and taking it at a deeper level than ever before, that perhaps I am too late. God only knows how much time or ability any of us has, but there is so much to learn! I am learning, however slowly, from you kind people and of course Mark. Thank you, and may we all have time enough! 
  • Yes Rob.  So eloquently stated and so true.  I am so happy for your success.  Here's to painting exactly as much as you want to and exactly what you want to, exactly when you want to.  Cheers.
  • Rob, sorry to hear that and that you were so down in retirement.. I am glad you are doing a lot better now and able to paint such beautiful pictures.
  • I think my strength is dogged perseverance. I am not sure if I am patient or just stubborn. My weakness is not painting enough, I allow myself to be at everyone’s beck and call, also I take lots of photos of landscapes and still life set ups but just don’t get a chance to paint, lifevgetting in the way :) 
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    Thanks, @BOB73, @MikeDerby and @Richard_P .

    @marieb, we can only do what we can do at the time. One good thing about getting older is that you have more time for yourself so there is that to look forward to and your doggedness and perseverence will stand you in good stead . :)
  • Given that I come from an underprivileged background, I am very level headed and strong and my inspiration for art comes from the real life situations I have found myself in.

    Perseverance is also the key that has helped me reach to where I am today.
  • HilaryHilary -
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    I can 100% assure you that the paintings you’re producing will have lasting impact for a very very very  long time to come. 
    I doubt that many people will see those huge tree paintings and not be moved by their beauty. I also think that other artists to come will be influenced by your work. 
    Talk about things happening for a reason!!!
     I’ve always believed that they do. 

    I find your story inspirational , Rob. So glad you shared it.  <3

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    Thanks, @Hilary<3

    Not sure why I felt the need to open up like that. Something to do with Christmas maybe. And I guess I wanted Freeman to see that he hasn't left it too late. I understand his concern in that regard because I had the same fear when I started. I thought that I might not have time to learn it all. But that's no problem at all. Mark has made everything very clear. And anyway, nobody ever knows it all. We keep learning. It's a voyage of discovery.   :)  
  • I think we all have that fear to a greater or lesser extent Rob ,  so I think that  what you wrote was very helpful to a lot of people. To me it certainly was.
     I can totally identify with what you said , and judging by the amount of hearts you got , so can a lot of the others here. I think we all feel we want to leave something good behind and we’re all afraid we won’t have time or that what we leave won’t be good enough or appreciated enough. 
    I suspect that’s a very common feeling and part of the human condition. 
    So thank  you for putting that feeling into words so eloquently and honestly. 

    I’m so thrilled you’re being recognised so quickly as the fantastic artist you are. The speed at which all this is happening for you is proof that your work is exceptionally good. 

    I feel very proud that I spotted your talent way back and due to the miracle of the internet am on the journey with you  ;)

  • @Rob, I greatly appreciate your response. I am not seeing a clear path except to keep working, and that's good enough for me. I keep digressing  from the method which at  this point takes me off the rails. Two steps forward and one back. Your work is inspirational. Thank you!
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    LOL : "disproportionate think:do ratio". Love it!  As succint as an equation.
    Many of us suffer from it but it's probably not as bad as its opposite.  :)
  • Strength: from movie As Good As It Gets "the best thing you have working for you is your willingness to humiliate yourself!"
  • My strengths are my patience and my thirst for learning. My challenges are drawing and management of my time.
  • Strengths: Methodical, detail oriented, wanting to learn.

    Challenges: Getting away from the detail work, accurate drawing, planning & composition, large brushes, starting too many paintings.
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