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WIP Banff Springs Golf Club "Devil's Cauldron" 16x20 inch Geneva Oil on canvas

Still working on this 16x20 inch oil on canvas.  Have never painted mountains, but this one makes me want to paint more.  A great little par 3, in a spectacular setting, that I hope to someday play.  Will keep posting progress photos.  


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  • Serious landscape work going on here. I suppose you're going to put a golf hole here instead of a nice couple paddling an old-Town canoe on a rippling creek. Got room in your golf bag for a plein air outfit?
  • This looks like it's going to be really impressive. Love the clouds on the mountains and the trees are looking good. A very dramatic setting. I love landscapes and look forward to seeing what you do with this.
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    Oh, that's looking awesome, @jrbgolfs! I'm looking at it on my cell phone and will go downstairs to see it on my big computer monitor but the immediate impression is one of grandeur. What a place!  Beautiful!
  • Looking good. I may take up golf...  NAH.
  • @tassieguy thank you, haven't been there yet, but someday!!
    @Richard_P ; Thank you, hope it continues to progress nicely.
    @BOB73 ; There are so many amazing places I have seen thanks to golf, give it a try.  I have also enjoyed plenty of adult beverages with friends after a wonderful round of golf, it is a social game after all.   Just a small sampling of the beautiful spots thanks to golf...




    Painting golf courses give me plenty of reasons to justify heading to such amazing places!!
  • You don't have to be a SCUBA diver to enjoy an aquarium.

  • Beautifully done. The clouds in the mountains must have been a challenge but this is really good. I checked and PETA won't let me play there because I would injure too many animals. That's what happens when they know your balls never stay in the fairways.
  • Amazing, I too am an avid golfer, luck enough to play the courses in Maui and some other islands once or twice a week @jrbgolfs
  • @BOB73 ; Clouds were not too bad, just painted the color and shape and was done, tried not to think what they were.  Enjoy your sense of humor, thanks.

    @alsart ; I have been fortunate to play a few courses in Hawaii on the Big Island, such a wonderful spot for sure.  I am very jealous!  One of the coolest was Makalei Golf Club.  The peacocks were everywhere and just a unique experience.  Did I mention I am jealous!

  • I just wanted to post this @jrbgolfs might like it
    I was at Turtle bay Palmer course this past weekend and as we drove up to the next tee,...crash,..crack - 50' tree collapsed into the lake a few feet from the tee box,...nature at its best,...

  • PaulBPaulB mod
    alsart said:
    ...crash,..crack - 50' tree collapsed into the lake a few feet from the tee box,...
    Your island is falling apart.  Save yourself.
  • @PaulB ; - i will take my chances,...back to the UK,....oh nooooooo
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