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Steps involved in a work??

Does Mark have a video naming and giving examples of the steps involved in a painting, such as...Blocking in, Modelling, etc. I don't even know them all, I'm a super novice, but It would help me a lot, can anyone assist please.


  • I know, I have them all. But just as I have the five colour pallet printed and pinned next to my brush holder, It would be GREAT to have the sequence steps in a list to look at while learning, so as to not forget what you are doing, to save yourself from distraction, like remembering  - DON"T BLEND!, lol It would be like a check list, laminated, so during the first half a dozen or so painting I can use a pen to mark off each step. A seriously handy tool and GREATLY APPRECIATED. Block. Model. Detail. I'm grabbing at straws because I don't know.
  • I don't think there's an actual checklist anywhere like that. If I had to make one to match the DMP approach it would be something like this. 

    1) Initial drawing on canvas 

    2) Mix color strings 

    3) Put correct value and hue where it belongs. No blending. 

    4) Soften some edges 

    5) Light blending where necessary 

    6) Step back and make adjustments. Ask "Which is more subtle, painting or source?"

    7) Post on DMP forum and get good advice ;)

    8) Sign painting

    9 Varnish when dry 
  • Between steps 3 and 4 I would add "Paint in smaller details" 
  • Can't thank you enough. I only remember hearing about the blocking in and modelling and that's it, but thank you greatly.
  • Your welcome! 

    You don't do much "blocking in" per say with the DMP method. You pretty much shoot for the finished product right off the bat with your first color pass. 

    There will be some small details that have to wait, but your still painting more detail right away then many painters do when they block in. 
  • Make sure you start a work in progress thread with the next painting you start. In addition to knowing the steps, having the input of all the forum members here is invaluable! There's a whole lot of talented painters on this forum that are excellent teachers :) 
  • Thank you SOOOOO much and I totally believe what you are saying about the quality of the people here and Mark should have some very special reward thing. Wish I was a wealth man, he has/does give a great wealth of many things to art. His method is very intelligent in many ways including the finish as you go reality you mention in "First pass"
    edavison[Deleted User]
  • THE STEPS ARE NUMBERED 1-10 on the DMP home page under the "FULL COURSE" . Assuming you have a studio set up, you can start with number 2. The details of each is just a click away. I don't suggest you tape the computer monitor to the easel though. Good Luck @Mikep
  • When i took the course in Austin, i made a checklist and placed it on my blog in general discussion.  you might have a look at that and see if it helps.
  • Thank you Mike, I'll try and find it later today.
  • I pretty much have, but the video response was in relation to a reply referring to them. I even asked Mark about the book in pdf, to which he replied to follow the webpages because they depend on your choices.
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