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i set up my studio in accordance with Mark's directions, and it seems to work well. However, I was getting some glare on the color checker from the studio light. So I put a piece of cardboard up to block the light from glaring on the checker, as well as reaching the shadow box. Now I am wondering if I have not ruined the balance of the light because the checker is somewhat shaded. Perhaps the light source needs to be moved?


  • Don't shade the color checker, that defeats the purpose. either hold it at a slightly different angle to avoid the glare or move the light.
  • I ended up shading the light partially. Enough so that it is not flooding the objects with light, but not enough that the color checker is shaded, eventually I will raise the light six more inches, but this is better.
  • Just work on getting the light source at 35 degrees to the surface of the checker swatch.  That may mean that you have back up under the light (or push forward) since the swatch is at an angle to the direction of your vision.  Also avoid clumps on the swatch, which will throw light in strange directions.
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